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Floating Bridge – Floating Bridge (US 1969)

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge 

Vault – 124 (US)


this is another one of my very favourite albums, which i had been looking out for for quite a while and i had finally bought an original US copy in february on discogs. it shipped from australia so i had to wait some weeks until it arrived. but the waiting was totally worth it, but record and cover are in a really beautiful condition and the disc plays almost like new.

this album is the groups only output next to two 45s they released. it is a mixture of a handful of genres, certainly not meant for people who love concept albums, but i think the different styles fit well together and its nice to have a little variation while listening to an LP even if its not various-artists. there are some nice covered instrumentals that range from melodic to psychedelic, some real nitty gritty blues stuff, some really killer heavy psych fuzz numbers and some late 60s rock typical for the time to fill the gaps between all these.

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge 

although the whole album is superb in my opinion, there are four tracks i think are outstanding from it: first of all the two instrumentals i mentioned before, the first one being a cover of the beatles ‘hey jude‘. i am a big big beatles fan and usually i am almost kind of allergic to beatles covers because, well, because you dont touch a perfect masterpiece by the greatest heroes in music history, do you? NO, you just DONT, end of the story. but not in this case. maybe its because hey jude doesnt rank among my favourite beatles songs (that would be stuff like ‘lucy in the sky’, ‘i am the walrus’ and the white album as a whole, and so on), and maybe also due to the fact that it is an instrumental version which doesnt make your brain go ‘ah, no, thats the wrong voice! thats the wrong voice!’ all the time. anyhow, floating bridge treated this song really gently and with the right kind of respect, the result is a sweet, laid-back anthem, far more delicate than the cheery sing-along ballad the original ends up in. its one of those numbers you get really quiet when listening to to enjoy the uplifting effect it has on your mood.

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge 

A1 Crackshot 7:00
A2 Hey Jude 6:12
A3 Watch Your Step 4:00
A4 Three Minute & Ten Second Blues 3:10
B1 Brought Up Wrong 3:47
B2 Medley: Eight Miles High / Paint It Black 5:35
B3 You’ve Got the Power 3:40
B4 Gonna’ Lay Down ‘n Die (Slow Blues) 7:26


Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge 

the other instrumental track on this album is a medley of ‘eight miles hight‘ and the stones ‘paint if black‘, which is also laid-back, but more psychy than sweet. although this is a medley of two songs it runs for only 5:35 while hey jude alone runs for 6:12; im pretty sure they could have done a longer version with some extra thrills or just more epicness, but instead they chose to extend the closing blues number to 7:26 – which isnt bad of course, but in my humble opinion five minutes would have done it alright here.

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge 

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge 

the other two awesome tracks on this LP are ‘crackshot‘, the opening number, and ‘watch your step‘. they are my favourites from this album and i like them so much that i embedded them from youtube here, so you can listen to both of them below! both are very heavy fuzz-loaded psych shockers, and thankfully both are quite long tracks, in the case of crackshot the band even granted us seven minutes of psychedelic blues rock epicness. i must admit that when i listen to this record i often listen to the b-side first because the a-side has all the heavy, powerful stuff and i like to listen to best stuff last!
so here they are:






as always, heres a link for the not-so-vinyl-freaks to the CD reissue. there has also been a CD reissue on repertoire, so maybe give it a try on ebay or so.
if you are a vinyl buff though, the original pressings are not all too expensive. i paid about a hundred bucks for mine wich is extremely close to mint, and there should be some available for less money.

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