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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond (US 1972)

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Capricorn – CP 0105 (AUS)
well, this one is pretty heavy stuff – i dont listen to it very often, mostly because i am more into psych and garage rather than heavy or hard rock, but on the plus side, the heaviness of such albums when listening to them doent ‘wear off’ as soon as if you listened to them all the time, and they still really shake your bones.
theres one interesting thing about this album and about this band, as their vocalist was rod evans, who was the singer of deep purple on their first three albums (which by the way are nothing like hard rock at all, interestingly).

as i had been a great deep purple fan at the time, this is how i got to know this LP. while deep purple’s music became really heavy compared to their previous stuff, once evans had been replaced by ian gillan, and they started to define what we would eventually call hard rock, rod evans did the same thing in his new group captain beyond. no more covers of neil diamond or ike & tina turner (YES, deep purple did that. they …

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Floating Bridge – Floating Bridge (US 1969)

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge
Vault – 124 (US)
this is another one of my very favourite albums, which i had been looking out for for quite a while and i had finally bought an original US copy in february on discogs. it shipped from australia so i had to wait some weeks until it arrived. but the waiting was totally worth it, but record and cover are in a really beautiful condition and the disc plays almost like new.

this album is the groups only output next to two 45s they released. it is a mixture of a handful of genres, certainly not meant for people who love concept albums, but i think the different styles fit well together and its nice to have a little variation while listening to an LP even if its not various-artists. there are some nice covered instrumentals that range from melodic to psychedelic, some real nitty gritty blues stuff, some really killer heavy psych fuzz numbers and some late 60s rock typical for the time to fill the gaps between all these.

although the whole album is superb in my opinion, there are four tracks i think are …

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