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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Psychedelic Intermission 3

alright folks, here i am back again. i am relieved to announce that i passed my final exam at university about two weeks ago, this means that after three and a half years of studying plus working full time in my job, for the first time i have all my free time for myself again.
just two days later i had the pleasure to spend a day at the great record fair in jaarbeurs, utrecht, where i acquired some very nice additions to my collection, and made the acquaintance of hans kesteloo, whos online radio station beyond the beat generation saves me every day from the bleak and annoying burbling of the public stations we have in this area (thanks!!!).
last saturday of course was record store day (on the same day as international marijuana day, haha…), on which i paid a visit to a nice little store named black plastic, where i usually get my records cleaned.

now, after some technical difficulties with my wordpress installation, i want to get back to writing some new posts for twenty flight rock – cheers!

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wizard: The Original Wizard (US 1971)

Wizard - The Original Wizard
Peon – P 1069 ST (US) promotional issue
right now i call this one the jewel in the crown of my collection. i scored it one on ebay earlier this year and i was quite lucky, because although the sleeve looks a bit tatty (which to me doesnt matter at all taking its rarity into account) it looked far worse on the picture the seller had provided (see here), where it seemed all yellowish-brownish, almost like water-damaged. that way the eventual price was somewhat lower than it might have been if the cover looked alright on the pictures. yet, if you have a look at for how much this obscure gem sold just two or three years ago, it just makes one cry, as its often less than half of what i paid and for even ‘mintier’ copies. its a tough market, especially for late-borns like me.

there has been a nasty re-release some years ago using the same catalogue number as the original (how i hate this… it should be forbidden if you ask me), luckily they were friendly enough to use a different design for the labels (have a look here), …

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