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Morgen: Morgen (US 1969)

Morgen - Morgen 

ABC / Probe – CPLP 4507 S (US)


hi folks! i finished my studies (with a paper on vinyl records, woohoo!) and now i have some free time after work again (havent had this for more than three years…). as i will post no more download links (things got really rough in the last couple of months/years, and i dont want to spend my life in jail, so far away from my record player…), i was thinking about what to post on this blog, as of course i dont want to take it off the net. i eventually decided to blog about new additions to my rapidly growing record collection, and here we go, this is the first post!
Morgen - Morgen 

i won this baby on ebay shortly after christmas for a pretty fair price. as you can see it is a DJ copy, so the cover has been scribbled on to prevent the DJs or radio staff from re-selling it (what does it say, ‘beaker’? any idea anyone?). thus the cover itself has a poor grading only (i called it VG(-); depends on how much the scribbling matters to one), but the vinyl is a stunning M-, so i was very happy when the parcel with the record arrived and i took it out. i wasnt just even more happy but completely taken aback when suddenly a sheet of paper fell out of the cover, which turned out to be the original insert from this album in perfect condition, there wasnt even any yellowing on the paper:
Morgen - Morgen 

Morgen - Morgen 

i have seen copies with original insert selling for three to four times the price i paid for mine, so that really was a lucky strike. the insert contains the tracklisting, lyrics and a couple of pictures of the group. ‘morgen’ was actually the last name of the groups founder, steve morgen.
he also provides the lead vocals on the entire album, which get really weird and trippy – just as the music itself. thus i think picking edvard munchs ‘the scream’ for the album cover is a good choice, it perfectly expresses the dark and twisted psychedelic moods of this late 60s gem, though its by far not as depressing as the album cover might suggest – instead you could sometimes even call it groovy.
Morgen - Morgen 

Morgen - Morgen 

A1 Welcome to the Void 4:42
A2 Of Dreams 5:32
A3 Begging Your Pardon (Miss Joan) 4:47
A4 Eternity in Between 4:30
B1 Purple 4:00
B2 She’s the Nitetime 3:28
B3 Love 10:50


Morgen - Morgen 

Morgen - Morgen 

all tracks are rather long, ‘shes the nitetime’ being the only exception with 3:28. this one was also released on the groups only 45 as the b-side of ‘of dreams’ (shortened version).
its hard to pick outstanding tracks from this album, as they are all pretty amazing. this is one of the few records i gave full five stars all along the tracklist, but if i was to choose id say i particularly like ‘welcome to the void‘ and ‘purple‘. unfortunately not my own rip (as i said, i dont want trouble with the law), but here they are, straight from the vinyl!






so, in case you like the album as much as i do but dont want to spend a fortune on an original pressing (just have a look at the prices on popsike), it has been re-released on probe with the same catalogue no as a 180g edition. and if you dont own a turntable or are not into vinyl at all, there are CD releases on radioactive, phoenix and sunbeam records.

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