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Saturday, 30 November 2013

More News

 the record carrying cases i had bought on ebay have arrived :-) one of them came decorated with jimi hendrix stamps by some previous owner. looks lovely, i’m gonna leave them on.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013


 hi folks, this is the pile of records i took home from the record fair at the jaarbeurs in utrecht, netherlands, last saturday. i had spent all the money i took with me in less than three hours – what a great day :-)
The Balloon Farm
7″ A Question Of Temperature

3405USA 1967 The Barbarians
7″ Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl

LR 3308USA1965 The Changin’ Times
7″ How Is The Air Up There

40341USA1965 The Count Five
LP Psychotic Reaction

Double Shot
DSS-5001USA1966 Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
7″ Kites

R5646GB1967 Kaleidoscope
7″ (promo) Tempe Arizona

5-10500USA1969 Jerry Lee Lewis
7″ Great Balls Of Fire

London American Recordings
HLS 8529 (early 60s reissue)GB1958 Postively Thirteen O’clock
7″ Psychotic Reaction

HBR-500USA1967 The Rolling Stones
7″ Paint It Black

M62-36979UDS1979 Bob Seger & The Last Heard
7″ Persecution Smith

C-465USA1966 The Electric Prunes
LP Underground

RS-6262USA1967 The Standells
LP Try It

ST 5098USA1967 The Swamp Rats
7″ Psycho

Get Hip Archive Series
GHAS-21 (2003 reissue)USA1966 The Tidal Waves
7″ (promo) Farmer …

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

July: July (UK 1968)

July - July (promo)
Epic – BN 26416 (US) promotional issue
this LP took over ‘the original wizard’s position as the ‘crown jewel’ of my collection when i bought it this summer. i was lucky to get it for such a fair price ($174), which is mainly due to the flaws on the rear side of the cover (doesnt matter very much to me though). the vinyl, however, plays just beautifully; ranging from EX- to M-. i doubt that there are truly dead-silent copies of the US issue out there, so i guess this is about as fantastic as it gets!

as far as i know, there are 5 original issues of this record from four different countries:
UK Major Minor – MMLP 29 (mono), SMLP 29 (stereo) US Epic – BN 26416 (stereo, mostly promo copies) Brazil Musidisc – 2.177 (mono) Mexico Fresa – FL-2 (mono)
it could also be 4 different issues if you count UK mono and stereo as one issue. however, the UK issues are insanely expensive in mono as well as in stereo. a copy would eat up more than half of my monthly salary (of which i still …

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The End: Introspection (UK 1969)

The End - Introspection
Decca – SKL – R 5.015 (France)
this is one of those albums i always wanted to have and have been looking for for a long time. although it is rather unknown generally, it enjoys great popularity among record collectors and aficionados of late 60s psych – and also die-hard rolling stones fans, as it was produced by bill wyman (no need to introduce this guy ;-)).
the original UK pressings (Decca LK-R 5015) are ridiculously expensive, so they were never an option for me. the US pressings (London PS 560) are more common and affordable, but I hate those silver covers – they look terrible unless theyre in mint condition, and you rarely find those. apart from that, the white cover design simply looks much better to me. i had seen a french pressing of this album in jaarbeurs, utrecht in april for sale for about 320 euros. still a prohibitive price for me keeping in mind its not from the country the music and the group originated from.

a couple of months ago this copy turned up on ebay for less than a third (!) of that, with …

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What I’ve been doing all the time

 i cant believe it is almost five months since the last time i wrote a new post here… well i did not entirely spend those five months twiddling my thumbs. with kind assistance from a native-speaking friend, i started translating my paper about vinyl records into english. i had written this paper in order to get my bachelors degree, which i had finally achieved in april (writing it actually took me half a year, and i thought translating it would take less time – i could not have been more wrong, haha! well, the fact that there is no deadline for this project and that i am still working fulltime might also slighty affect how long this is taking :-)). of course i am not only translating this paper, but i am also correcting all the formal and content-related mistakes i can find, and i try to improve it in general. in the picture below you can see how far ive gotten by now. 48 pages are translated, and 42 are still left:
i have also been tidying up my record collection by moving it into another room and completely re-organizing it – now everything is in alphabetical …

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond (US 1972)

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Capricorn – CP 0105 (AUS)
well, this one is pretty heavy stuff – i dont listen to it very often, mostly because i am more into psych and garage rather than heavy or hard rock, but on the plus side, the heaviness of such albums when listening to them doent ‘wear off’ as soon as if you listened to them all the time, and they still really shake your bones.
theres one interesting thing about this album and about this band, as their vocalist was rod evans, who was the singer of deep purple on their first three albums (which by the way are nothing like hard rock at all, interestingly).

as i had been a great deep purple fan at the time, this is how i got to know this LP. while deep purple’s music became really heavy compared to their previous stuff, once evans had been replaced by ian gillan, and they started to define what we would eventually call hard rock, rod evans did the same thing in his new group captain beyond. no more covers of neil diamond or ike & tina turner (YES, deep purple did that. they …

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Floating Bridge – Floating Bridge (US 1969)

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge
Vault – 124 (US)
this is another one of my very favourite albums, which i had been looking out for for quite a while and i had finally bought an original US copy in february on discogs. it shipped from australia so i had to wait some weeks until it arrived. but the waiting was totally worth it, but record and cover are in a really beautiful condition and the disc plays almost like new.

this album is the groups only output next to two 45s they released. it is a mixture of a handful of genres, certainly not meant for people who love concept albums, but i think the different styles fit well together and its nice to have a little variation while listening to an LP even if its not various-artists. there are some nice covered instrumentals that range from melodic to psychedelic, some real nitty gritty blues stuff, some really killer heavy psych fuzz numbers and some late 60s rock typical for the time to fill the gaps between all these.

although the whole album is superb in my opinion, there are four tracks i think are …

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Psychedelic Intermission 3

alright folks, here i am back again. i am relieved to announce that i passed my final exam at university about two weeks ago, this means that after three and a half years of studying plus working full time in my job, for the first time i have all my free time for myself again.
just two days later i had the pleasure to spend a day at the great record fair in jaarbeurs, utrecht, where i acquired some very nice additions to my collection, and made the acquaintance of hans kesteloo, whos online radio station beyond the beat generation saves me every day from the bleak and annoying burbling of the public stations we have in this area (thanks!!!).
last saturday of course was record store day (on the same day as international marijuana day, haha…), on which i paid a visit to a nice little store named black plastic, where i usually get my records cleaned.

now, after some technical difficulties with my wordpress installation, i want to get back to writing some new posts for twenty flight rock – cheers!

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wizard: The Original Wizard (US 1971)

Wizard - The Original Wizard
Peon – P 1069 ST (US) promotional issue
right now i call this one the jewel in the crown of my collection. i scored it one on ebay earlier this year and i was quite lucky, because although the sleeve looks a bit tatty (which to me doesnt matter at all taking its rarity into account) it looked far worse on the picture the seller had provided (see here), where it seemed all yellowish-brownish, almost like water-damaged. that way the eventual price was somewhat lower than it might have been if the cover looked alright on the pictures. yet, if you have a look at for how much this obscure gem sold just two or three years ago, it just makes one cry, as its often less than half of what i paid and for even ‘mintier’ copies. its a tough market, especially for late-borns like me.

there has been a nasty re-release some years ago using the same catalogue number as the original (how i hate this… it should be forbidden if you ask me), luckily they were friendly enough to use a different design for the labels (have a look here), …

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Morgen: Morgen (US 1969)

Morgen - Morgen
ABC / Probe – CPLP 4507 S (US)
hi folks! i finished my studies (with a paper on vinyl records, woohoo!) and now i have some free time after work again (havent had this for more than three years…). as i will post no more download links (things got really rough in the last couple of months/years, and i dont want to spend my life in jail, so far away from my record player…), i was thinking about what to post on this blog, as of course i dont want to take it off the net. i eventually decided to blog about new additions to my rapidly growing record collection, and here we go, this is the first post!

i won this baby on ebay shortly after christmas for a pretty fair price. as you can see it is a DJ copy, so the cover has been scribbled on to prevent the DJs or radio staff from re-selling it (what does it say, ‘beaker’? any idea anyone?). thus the cover itself has a poor grading only (i called it VG(-); depends on how much the scribbling matters to one), but the vinyl is …

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

R.I.P. Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee (born Graham Alvin Barnes)

19th December 1944 – 6th March 2013

i have seen ten years after live several times, but never alvin lee. of course i now regret that, but seemingly no one could see this coming. gosh, i cant really think of anything useful to write here right now because the news about his passing really shocked me, just that i really love his work with ten years after and that i havent paid enough attention to his solo work yet, which i will work on sometime soon.
this has been a sad day…

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

R.I.P. Reg Presley

Reg Presley (born Reginald Maurice Ball)

12th June 1941 – 4th February 2013

what a loss… he will be dearly missed, a true icon of the 1960s. i love almost every one of the troggs songs, and also regs early solo stuff (those three 45s released around 1970; hear one of them below!).

the troggs most famous hit ever was a cover version, but their original songs are not to be underestimated. they are amoung the groups i have the most 45s of, so they definitely have a special place in my music-loving heart.

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