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Monday, 21 May 2012

R.I.P. Robin Gibb

 Robin Hugh Gibb

22nd December 1949 – 20th May 2012

what a sad thing to learn, although it was clearly obvious that this was to come soon. it scares me a little that robin was the same age as my own dad (who is still alive and well), with just two months difference.
this is my favourite bee gees song, and as you might have guessed, its not from the disco era :-) the vocals are so fantastic that even my old grandfather, who really disliked “the young people’s” pop music, is said to have liked this song. anyhow, enjoy:

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 12

heres the next volume of my personal compilation series. this time we have quite a lot of hard rocking stuff, with deep purple, birth control and blue cheer for instance. now these are the three songs i think are the most special ones on the tracklist:
track number 6 is a song by jerusalem, whos sole album was produced by deep purple singer ian gillan. although i am not that much into hard rock, that album is quite a treat – go and check it out if you like this track (its self-titled and from ’72).
right after this song theres a (i believe) not so well-kown number by status quo, called gerdundula (seemingly a girls name). i picked a live version here, because i first heard it live and then i found the album version (on dog of two head) rather boring. i hope you like it – this is one of the songs i play on parties when all people are already drunk and just want to dance like mad :-)
track number 11 is the big break-through song of ten years after, think about the times from 1971s “a space in time”. …

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