Tuesday, 10 April 2012

50 Years Ago Today

Stu is quite the iconic figure in the Beatles community and is famous for being a member of the greatest rock band in the world. This makes it quite a hardship to understand what a special person he must’ve been. The stories tell how John Lennon always admired him, seeing in him the creativity that them as artsts must’ve been a bond. When I look at his early paintings I can see the same ambition that led him jump on the bandwagon, offering him adventure unknowns musings and whatnot there, in Hamburg.

double exposure, astrids work

When the pretty boy stood on stages of those rotten environments, he was barely able to handle his instrument but took the task nevertheless, probably out of love for John and open to new experiences.

Love found it’s new ways and soon he was to meet a German photographer lady, which made him abandon (or even, liberate him from) his band, giving both the band and himself the chance of self-realisation and well.. making it. He got accepted at the Hamburg art school and the band released “My Bonnie”. Shortly after this, he passed.

together with tony sheridan
(as far as i know the only existing photography of stu in colour)

Apart from the many abstract expressives with their gritty lining and bold colorblockings I am especially a fan of his self portrait. I can see a courageous, thinking young man, ambitious, dressed rocker gear. It is by far not perfect but I like to argue that it is at least a very honest piece of work, which i think is better anyway.

It’s a bloody shame you had to pass so early, thank you for forming the past the way you did. Much love,

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