Monday, 9 April 2012

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 11

alright folks, here we go with another compilation volume. it starts with a classic deep purple track, ‘hush‘ in the initial version by mark I. and as purples first lineup started with a lot of cover songs, this too is a cover version, the original song was written by joe south and recorded by billy joe royal the year before deep purple did it. again, what astonishes me here is the deep and rich voice of purples first vocalist rod evans, wow that guy could sing… enjoy!
track number 4 is my favourite by the electric prunes. a little less well known than ‘i had too much to dream last night’ this song is a bit more raunchy, and somehow more garagy also. lets see if you dig it as much as i do – go get em, little olive!
a bit farther down the tracklist theres a brilliant number by (ex pigeons) vanilla fudge (going on cactus / beck, bogart & appice): ‘where is my mind‘. i always wondered what that song would sound like on acid, its pretty brain-draining already without drugs! disturbing, distorted – this sounds pretty freaked out and i hope you like it. vanilla fudge is a quite under-estimated band anyway ;-)
right after that we have another purple number, this time from their third LP. ‘emmaretta‘ was supposedly written for a girl from the cast of ‘hair‘, and it serves as an enthralling, emotional love song from the non-trashy kind – again with brilliant vocals by rod evans.
last but not least id like to mention track number 15, perhaps my most favourite dylan-cover ever: ‘its all over now baby blue‘ by them with van morrison. aint nothing better to listen to when your emotions are down and out and youre feeling low. not as depressing as early leonard cohen, but still quite soul soothing this is – literally – a song for blue times.


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  1. Hush ∙ Deep Purple ∙ 1968
  2. Baby’s in Black ∙ The Beatles ∙ 1964
  3. Don’t Start Crying Now ∙ Them ∙ 1964
  4. Little Olive ∙ The Electric Prunes ∙ 1966
  5. People, Let’s Freak Out! ∙ Belfast Gypsies ∙ 1967
  6. Party Line ∙ The Kinks ∙ 1966
  7. Born to Be Wild ∙ Steppenwolf ∙ 1968
  8. Change of Mind ∙ Birth Control ∙ 1970
  9. All Shook Up ∙ The Jeff Beck Group ∙ 1969
  10. Friends ∙ Led Zeppelin ∙ 1970
  11. Where Is My Mind ∙ Vanilla Fudge ∙ 1968
  12. Emmaretta ∙ Deep Purple ∙ 1969
  13. Shake It and Break It ∙ Canned Heat ∙ 1970
  14. San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair) ∙ Scott McKenzie ∙ 1967
  15. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue ∙ Them ∙ 1966
  16. For Your Love (live) ∙ The Yardbirds ∙ 1965
  17. Louie Louie ∙ The Kinks ∙ 1964
  18. But It’s Alright ∙ Them ∙ 1968
  19. Crosstown Traffic ∙ The Jimi Hendrix Experience ∙ 1968
  20. Brought Up Wrong ∙ Floating Bridge ∙ 1969


i hope you like this compilation, any kind of comments (positive or critical) is appreciated. theres more good news: there are valid links for all the old blog posts again! enjoy

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  1. avatar RayG said:

    I see that last bit of “good news”; I guess you have let me know. Sorry I missed that before. Thanks again! I’m sure there’s some great stuff here I’ve not heard before.

  2. hi ray,
    it just seems you have been faster checking up my blog than me digging out your email-address ;-) well, i will have it ready the next time then.
    i hope you enjoy the compilations anyway – cheers!

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