Sunday, 25 March 2012

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 10

now heres the next volume of my sampler series, a bit late as always, but i hope you will enjoy it. and, as always, there are some evergreens and a couple of interesting songs on it. the first song for instance is a really great popsike/psychy late 60s number, ‘jack dor’ by episode six. there are virtually no vocals on this song, except for the title line being said once by ian gillan. great, freaky tune not to be missed!
track no. 4 is the well-known hit by the moody blues, ‘nights in white satin’. i am quite sure everyone of you has heard it hundreds and hundreds of times, but it still is a wonderful song and many of us have been kissing to it as teenagers ;-) it is said though that justin hayward, at that time the moodys new vocalist after denny laine had left, was crying when he left the studio after recording this song because he had just been left by his girlfriend. what a heart-warming anecdote, pop music for once not just being superficial!
next, on #10, we have a nice underrated number by the kinks, ‘sittin on my sofa’ – flat, repetitive and annoying if you will, but it certainly works when you are in a funny / cheeky mood :-) mid sixties funny beat at its best.
the last song on this volume is my favourite song by led zeppelin, ‘when the levee breaks’, from their fourth album which also includes the inevitable ‘stairway to heaven’. the lyrics are mostly taken from a song with the same name written by blues lady memphis minnie in 1929, about the great mississippi flood of 1927. it was the most destructive river flood in the US history, and just like after the katrina disaster of 2005 the black population suffered from it the most, because especially in times of racial segregation they were mostly left on their own and had to fend for themselves. thus its also a political song like a lot of blues from that time is. and what led zep made of it is fantastic – it is heavy, hard hitting, slow paced and surely deserves to be as well-known as it is. when the levee breaks, mama you got to move…

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  1. Jack D’or ∙ Episode Six ∙ 1969
  2. Heart Full of Soul (live) ∙ The Yardbirds ∙ 1965
  3. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) ∙ The Beatles ∙ 1965
  4. Nights in White Satin ∙ The Moody Blues ∙ 1967
  5. North Country Blues ∙ Bob Dylan ∙ 1964
  6. Blue Jay Way ∙ The Beatles ∙ 1967
  7. Green Onions ∙ Booker T and the MG’s ∙ 1962
  8. Little Girl ∙ Them ∙ 1965
  9. Incense ∙ Episode Six ∙ 1966
  10. Sittin’ on My Sofa ∙ The Kinks ∙ 1965
  11. Outlaw Blues ∙ Bob Dylan ∙ 1965
  12. All Along the Watchtower ∙ The Jimi Hendrix Experience ∙ 1968
  13. Harley Davidson Blues ∙ Canned Heat ∙ 1973
  14. SWLABR ∙ Cream ∙ 1967
  15. You Need Loving ∙ Small Faces ∙ 1966
  16. Down in Mexico ∙ Simon Stokes and the Nighthawks ∙ 1970
  17. Put Your Thing on Me ∙ The Grodeck Whipperjenny ∙ 1970
  18. Midnight Sun ∙ Jesse Harper ∙ 1969
  19. Welcome to the Void ∙ Steve Morgen ∙ 1969
  20. When the Levee Breaks ∙ Led Zeppelin ∙ 1971


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  1. avatar RayG said:

    Hi Sarah, hope all is well with you. Sorry to say the links have all been taken down… I guess I missed my chance. Maybe you can re-up. I see RS#9 has also been taken down. I didn’t check any further.

  2. hi ray! bad to hear that about the links… i will re-up as soon as possible and let you know.

  3. avatar RayG said:

    I think you forgot to let me know, but I see you have vol 11 up, so I got it and also vol 10. Thanks!

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