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VA: Rock Sessions Volume 9

now, as previously announced, here finally is the next volume of my selfmade compilation series. dip into another pile of 20 rockin evergreens and just forget about the last fourty years of time that passed meanwhile. the opening track is a dear, dear favourite of mine and also by far my favourite rolling stones number: ‘the last time‘ from 1965. it was released shortly before ‘satisfaction’ and was obviously topped by it, because the latter is the song mostly associated with the rolling stones in what can be described as “superficial general knowledge”. however, i like this song much better – and besides: the main riff is not played by keith richards but by brian jones – amazing, isnt it?
the next song id like to mention is a rather long, narrative number, #10 ‘atlantis‘ by donovan. mr leitch tells the story of the sunken land of atlantis, which once lay in the middle of the atlantic ocean, and, well you all know that old fairytale :-) however, the way donovan tells this story it suddenly gains back all the magic it radiated when you heard it as a little child. everything around you becomes quiet and you sit there, listening to this bard singing about an acient myth… when eventually the song breaks out into a repetitive “atlantis-hymn” that makes you sing along at once – magical!
track no 12 is again by my then favourite group deep purple in its initial line up with nicky simper and rod evans. ‘the painter‘ appears on their magnificent, self-titled third album and is one of my favourite songs of theirs. in this song one more time the (then) fruitful collaboration between rod evans and jon lord shows off, who created this blasting, organ-driven, psychy late 60s number – ‘painter, come colour up my life!’
the following track has a weird title and was recorded by a fairly unknown group, orang-utan, whos sole, self-titled album now scores high prices. ‘chocolate piano‘ is a brilliant showcase of early 70s, trippy psychedelic rock – the underground UK-kind of early 70s psych rock. i wonder what listening to this song on hard drugs must be like? cant be too bad i guess…
track no 18 also always had been a big favourite of mine, but became that more so since it was used in the first scene of ‘the boat that rocked‘ – a 2009 film taking place on a pirate radio station ship in the 1960s, inspired by the story of radio caroline (starring bill nighy, philip seymour hoffman, nick frost – and chris o dowd and katherine parkinson, 2/3 of the IT crowd!). when i first saw that film in a movie theatre and ‘all day and all of the night‘ came blasting out of those gigantic speakers i again realized was a fucking awesome song that really is! so turn your volume fucking loud and PLAY IT! ‘the only time i feel alright is by your siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide…” :-D
so, all in all i hope you enjoy this bunch of goodies – the next volume will be there soon!

click here to get the previous volumes.


  1. The Last Time ∙ The Rolling Stones ∙ 1965
  2. Move ∙ State of Mind ∙ 1967
  3. Louisiana Man ∙ Green Bullfrog ∙ 1970
  4. Don’t Come Crying to Me ∙ Fever Tree ∙ 1970
  5. Bad Scene ∙ Ten Years After ∙ 1969
  6. Bullfrog Blues ∙ Canned Heat ∙ 1967
  7. Nonymous ∙ The Treytones ∙ 1963
  8. The Mighty Quinn ∙ Manfred Mann ∙ 1968
  9. Baby Baby Baby ∙ Episode Six ∙ 1967
  10. Atlantis ∙ Donovan ∙ 1968
  11. Come on (Let the Good Times Roll) ∙ The Jimi Hendrix Experience ∙ 1968
  12. The Painter ∙ Deep Purple ∙ 1969
  13. Chocolate Piano ∙ Orang-Utan ∙ 1971
  14. Working on the Road ∙ Ten Years After ∙ 1970
  15. Smokestack Lightning ∙ Howlin’ Wolf ∙ 1968
  16. You Know Me Babe ∙ Thundermother ∙ 1971
  17. Richard Cory ∙ Them ∙ 1966
  18. All Day and All of the Night ∙ The Kinks ∙ 1964
  19. Mrs. Robinson ∙ Simon and Garfunkel ∙ 1968
  20. All My Loving ∙ The Beatles ∙ 1963


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  1. avatar RayG said:

    Hi Sara, very nice set here. I’ve now just picked up all the Rock Sessions except 1 and 2. I can’t find the postings for those. Can you tell me what dates an Italian pasta lover should look for? I’ll check back here in a day or two.

  2. hi ray!
    you find volume 1 in the post from dec 31st 2009, the top photo, and volume 2 in the post from jan 16th 2010. let me know if you need further help

  3. avatar RayG said:

    Got them, thanks. Will be on my iPod soon…

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