Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back for Good

gday folks! i know its been a WHILE since i last posted on tfr, but let me tell you these were some pretty tough times. i quit my old job and started a new one, simoultaneosly i moved into a new flat which is nearer to my new workplace (gosh, can you imagine how exhausting it was to move my entire record collection of 300 lps and over 200 45s? :-). afterwards there were two term papers and a couple of tough exams to be written – but now i am relaxed and happy at home in my new flat and preparing new music posts for you! :-)
next will be another awesome blues lady – it should be etta james, really, but as i already said i dont have any records of her, so it will be another fantastic mama (and alltime favorite of mine): miss ruth brown! apart from that i noticed that i still owe you the rest of the “rock sessions” volumes, so i will add them one by one during the next few weeks.

another important thing to mention: as you might have noticed the “authorities” closed down megaupload a short while ago, so i re-upped all the old links to a new site. i also gave up using freetexthost as an intermediate platform, so you will find the direct links with no additional password to decode (click on eddie cochran in the sidebar for instructions). and, as always, if you have any questions dont hesitate to let me know.

weeeeeell… as for now, i hope you all had a good start into the new year and still have a deep love for good music – cheers and have good time!

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  1. avatar RayG said:

    Sarah, Glad to have you back, and looking forward to any of your compilations!
    BTW those are some funky old turntables you have. Is there not a (say) Dual 1019 around somewhere for a reasonable price? I used to have one. Well, I see them on ebay for around $300 US. Maybe that’s not reasonable…

  2. hey there ray, great to see you back :-)
    i didnt find a cheaper dual 1019 either.. but if it chears you up: i didnt get ANY of those funky old turntables running! ^^ the round one basically consists of the bakelite shell with no real interior, and the vornado one seemed to have been just a freebie for a department store chain, made from the cheapest of the cheapest of material, so i couldnt get it repaired. i also bought a mobile turntable from telefunken which you can carry in a case, but it needs to be connected to a tube radio to produce any sound – and i currently dont have the money to buy one :-)
    also, i am planning to buy a grammophone , preferably this one: (HMV 101 in maroon, 300 bucks at least that is). they are INCREDIBLY loud without any outside power source, amazing! :-)

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