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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Daydream Gone

 Davy Jones

30th December 1945 – 29th February 2012

i cant find any words right now… i read about it just a couple of minutes ago and im still crying. i will add some more and the obligatory youtube vid when it gets better. R.I.P. ;-(

[edit 25th march]
sorry guys that it almost took me a month to complete this post, but you can be sure that i did not forget it but simply did have no time to do it.
anyhow, i bought a whole bunch of new monkees 45s and LPs and some of them have already arrived as you can see in the “latest acquisitions” section.
so, yes, it was quite a shock when davy died in february. the monkees were a part of my childhood, and davy sort of was my crush when i was six or seven years old :-) so it was a bitter fall-back into reality when the news came – the sixties are over, we are not young anymore and lives definitely end at some point.
i guess i havent been so affected by the …

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 9

now, as previously announced, here finally is the next volume of my selfmade compilation series. dip into another pile of 20 rockin evergreens and just forget about the last fourty years of time that passed meanwhile. the opening track is a dear, dear favourite of mine and also by far my favourite rolling stones number: ‘the last time’ from 1965. it was released shortly before ‘satisfaction’ and was obviously topped by it, because the latter is the song mostly associated with the rolling stones in what can be described as “superficial general knowledge”. however, i like this song much better – and besides: the main riff is not played by keith richards but by brian jones – amazing, isnt it?
the next song id like to mention is a rather long, narrative number, #10 ‘atlantis’ by donovan. mr leitch tells the story of the sunken land of atlantis, which once lay in the middle of the atlantic ocean, and, well you all know that old fairytale :-) however, the way donovan tells this story it suddenly gains back all the magic it radiated when you heard it as a little child. everything around you becomes quiet and …

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ruth Brown: Rock & Roll (1957)

as promised, heres the debut album of famous r&b / blues singer ruth brown. i was lucky enough to get an original copy from ’57, which makes it one of the oldest lps in my collection (naturally, all the 10″ shellac records i have are even older of course). it also is one of my favorite lps and now i will tell you why:
first of all, i like the a-side much better than the b-side. the latter contains some slow and sentimental songs like ‘sentimental journey’ (see), ‘old man river’ and ‘oh what a dream’, which are not really my cup of tea. the rest of the b-side still is good, solid r&b and a showcase for ruths beautiful voice – BUT, the a-side of this records just kicks ass, believe me! it takes a while to get hot (the opening number ‘lucky lips’ was one of ruths big hits, but personally i dont find it very interesting), but when the third track, ‘wild wild young men’, kicks off you soon will be in the mood for singing, clapping and dancing. the following number, ‘daddy daddy’ (which i also put on my ‘blues & boogie’ compilation), …

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back for Good

 gday folks! i know its been a WHILE since i last posted on tfr, but let me tell you these were some pretty tough times. i quit my old job and started a new one, simoultaneosly i moved into a new flat which is nearer to my new workplace (gosh, can you imagine how exhausting it was to move my entire record collection of 300 lps and over 200 45s? :-). afterwards there were two term papers and a couple of tough exams to be written – but now i am relaxed and happy at home in my new flat and preparing new music posts for you! :-)

next will be another awesome blues lady – it should be etta james, really, but as i already said i dont have any records of her, so it will be another fantastic mama (and alltime favorite of mine): miss ruth brown! apart from that i noticed that i still owe you the rest of the “rock sessions” volumes, so i will add them one by one during the next few weeks.

another important thing to mention: as you might have noticed the “authorities” closed down megaupload a …

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