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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

R.I.P. Ravi Shankar, the great sitar maestro

Ravi Shankar (born Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury)

7th April 1920 – 11th December 2012

it was yesterday that we lost the man who initially brought the sitar into western, and especially into psychedelic music. the man who influenced the music of the 1960s and afterwards, notably that of the beatles, like no other.
ravi shankar reached the biblical age of 92 years, but his musical heritage will live on many times his lifespan.

read about his passing here.

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

R.I.P. Lord Sitar

Big Jim Sullivan (born James George Tomkins)

14th February 1941 – 2nd October 2012

one of the best and most underrated session guitarists there ever was. not only was he a great idol to and influence on people like ritchie blackmore and many more, he played on more than a thousand (!) charting hit singles through the years.
hats off to big jim!

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Monday, 20 August 2012

He Wore Some Flowers in His Hair

 Scott McKenzie (born Philip Wallach Blondheim)

10th January 1939 – 18th August 2012

how sad, i just read it on twitter although he already died on saturday. i followed him on facebook for quite a while and he had a lot of meaningful things to say, which i really liked to read. originally i was looking for the song “no, no, no, no, no” – which is less known but i really like it – but i couldnt find it on youtube, so i will give you his unavoidable (in a positive sense) hit single:

[EDIT] i found it:

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Monday, 16 July 2012

One More Rainy Day – R.I.P Jon Lord

 Jonathan Douglas Lord

9th June 1941 – 16th July 2012

just got the news… what an immense loss! last november i went to see jon lords blues project with brian auger filling in for jon, and i hoped that the time would come when i could see the genius himself live and in person. but it wasnt meant to be, and so now i share deep grief with millions and millions of deep purple fans. heres one of the songs that first got me to like deep purple, and its a beautiful showcase for jons work with mark I:

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Happy 70th Birthday, Sir Paul!

 Today we congratulate a man who, accompanied by three comrades, shaped the musical world of the Sixties like almost nobody else and has been inspiring young and old till this day as one of the last remaining relics of that time. Together with his arguably coequal partner John Lennon, he created the songs that fascinated and thrilled an entire generation and made mass hysteria a general phenomenon. Whereas Lennon was more of a rascal who used cunning lyrics full of puns and cheeky ways of playing to write the more unpolished and stirring material of the Fab Four, the unmatched feeling for melodies and sophisticated, catchy harmonies of today’s birthday child helped to create the elegant and euphonious counterpart to Lennon’s work, which made the Beatles become the exciting song machine that they were. Last but not least, he caused a dramatic turning point in the musical history of the Beatles, if not of the entire Sixties music scene, by conceptualising the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which was worked out almost exclusively by himself. Today we say “Thank You” for the music that came to stay and his contributions to the history of music in its entirety …

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Monday, 21 May 2012

R.I.P. Robin Gibb

 Robin Hugh Gibb

22nd December 1949 – 20th May 2012

what a sad thing to learn, although it was clearly obvious that this was to come soon. it scares me a little that robin was the same age as my own dad (who is still alive and well), with just two months difference.
this is my favourite bee gees song, and as you might have guessed, its not from the disco era :-) the vocals are so fantastic that even my old grandfather, who really disliked “the young people’s” pop music, is said to have liked this song. anyhow, enjoy:

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 12

heres the next volume of my personal compilation series. this time we have quite a lot of hard rocking stuff, with deep purple, birth control and blue cheer for instance. now these are the three songs i think are the most special ones on the tracklist:
track number 6 is a song by jerusalem, whos sole album was produced by deep purple singer ian gillan. although i am not that much into hard rock, that album is quite a treat – go and check it out if you like this track (its self-titled and from ’72).
right after this song theres a (i believe) not so well-kown number by status quo, called gerdundula (seemingly a girls name). i picked a live version here, because i first heard it live and then i found the album version (on dog of two head) rather boring. i hope you like it – this is one of the songs i play on parties when all people are already drunk and just want to dance like mad :-)
track number 11 is the big break-through song of ten years after, think about the times from 1971s “a space in time”. …

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Psychedelic Intermission 2


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Monday, 30 April 2012

The Shamrocks: Cadillac / A Mountain Of Silver (1965)

this is a 45 by a swedish group named the shamrocks – there have been several groups with that name in the 1960s, i know of at least on other from the UK and there must be many more.
so these guys hit off with a cover of vince taylors “brand new cadillac”, which is quite nice. but this song is fantastic, almost no matter who covers it! this version however is squeaky, basic garage rock overlapping with simple 60s beat – a little treat for you guys.
the flipside is rather a filler, but ok. “a mountain of silver” is a cute love song with some harp playing in it, not exciting but still a good listen.
i wasnt sure if i should give this record three or four stars, more three and a half, but i chose three stars and you must check out yourself which rating you think is appropriate :-)

interesting links:
shamrocks discography on swedishbeat
the shamrocks on rateyourmusic
the shamrocks on

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Monday, 30 April 2012

The Scorpions: Some Other Guy / Just One Look (1964)

no, this is not the german beat- and -krautrock and whatever band, this is a british mid-sixties beat group from manchester. the quality of the rips is not that great, but so was the original quality of the takes.

first of all theres a cover of the classic “some other guy” by songwriter duo jerry leiber and mike stoller – which also used to be part of the beatles early repertoire. fine garage stuff, although rather mediocre than outstanding.
the b-side, “just one look”, is a sweet mid-60s pop number not that brilliant either, but still a nice listen. i rated this record 4 stars all in all, because its not too bad and will please you fans of the original sixties! the groups other recordings are better (more garagy), so i will try to obtain some more vinyls of theirs in the future.

interesting links:
the scorpions bio and discography on manchesterbeat
the scorpions on rateyourmusic
the scorpions on

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

50 Years Ago Today

Stu is quite the iconic figure in the Beatles community and is famous for being a member of the greatest rock band in the world. This makes it quite a hardship to understand what a special person he must’ve been. The stories tell how John Lennon always admired him, seeing in him the creativity that them as artsts must’ve been a bond. When I look at his early paintings I can see the same ambition that led him jump on the bandwagon, offering him adventure unknowns musings and whatnot there, in Hamburg.

double exposure, astrids work
When the pretty boy stood on stages of those rotten environments, he was barely able to handle his instrument but took the task nevertheless, probably out of love for John and open to new experiences.

Love found it’s new ways and soon he was to meet a German photographer lady, which made him abandon (or even, liberate him from) his band, giving both the band and himself the chance of self-realisation and well.. making it. He got accepted at the Hamburg art school and the band released “My Bonnie”. Shortly after this, he passed.

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Monday, 9 April 2012

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 11

alright folks, here we go with another compilation volume. it starts with a classic deep purple track, ‘hush’ in the initial version by mark I. and as purples first lineup started with a lot of cover songs, this too is a cover version, the original song was written by joe south and recorded by billy joe royal the year before deep purple did it. again, what astonishes me here is the deep and rich voice of purples first vocalist rod evans, wow that guy could sing… enjoy!
track number 4 is my favourite by the electric prunes. a little less well known than ‘i had too much to dream last night’ this song is a bit more raunchy, and somehow more garagy also. lets see if you dig it as much as i do – go get em, little olive!
a bit farther down the tracklist theres a brilliant number by (ex pigeons) vanilla fudge (going on cactus / beck, bogart & appice): ‘where is my mind’. i always wondered what that song would sound like on acid, its pretty brain-draining already without drugs! disturbing, distorted – this sounds pretty freaked out and i hope you …

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Psychedelic Intermission 1


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Sunday, 25 March 2012

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 10

now heres the next volume of my sampler series, a bit late as always, but i hope you will enjoy it. and, as always, there are some evergreens and a couple of interesting songs on it. the first song for instance is a really great popsike/psychy late 60s number, ‘jack dor’ by episode six. there are virtually no vocals on this song, except for the title line being said once by ian gillan. great, freaky tune not to be missed!
track no. 4 is the well-known hit by the moody blues, ‘nights in white satin’. i am quite sure everyone of you has heard it hundreds and hundreds of times, but it still is a wonderful song and many of us have been kissing to it as teenagers ;-) it is said though that justin hayward, at that time the moodys new vocalist after denny laine had left, was crying when he left the studio after recording this song because he had just been left by his girlfriend. what a heart-warming anecdote, pop music for once not just being superficial!
next, on #10, we have a nice underrated number by the kinks, ‘sittin on my sofa’ …

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Daydream Gone

 Davy Jones

30th December 1945 – 29th February 2012

i cant find any words right now… i read about it just a couple of minutes ago and im still crying. i will add some more and the obligatory youtube vid when it gets better. R.I.P. ;-(

[edit 25th march]
sorry guys that it almost took me a month to complete this post, but you can be sure that i did not forget it but simply did have no time to do it.
anyhow, i bought a whole bunch of new monkees 45s and LPs and some of them have already arrived as you can see in the “latest acquisitions” section.
so, yes, it was quite a shock when davy died in february. the monkees were a part of my childhood, and davy sort of was my crush when i was six or seven years old :-) so it was a bitter fall-back into reality when the news came – the sixties are over, we are not young anymore and lives definitely end at some point.
i guess i havent been so affected by the …

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