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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

R.I.P. Keef Hartley

 Keith “Keef” Hartley

8th April 1944 – 27th November 2011

hartley worked as a drummer for rory storm and the hurricanes, the artwoods and john mayall. he passed away on sunday after complications from surgery at the age of 67. here is the in memoriam note by john mayall:

I got the sad news (27Nov11) that Keef Hartley died of complications from surgery last Sunday. When I think back to all the adventures we had over the years, both on and off the road, it seems hardly possible that my friend of so many years will not be showing up to sit in with any of my bands in the future. His sense of fun and love of life will always remain in my thoughts as special memories. Boy did we have fun! So long my friend, I will miss you.
here is a track from his first album with the keef hartley band:

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It’s Been a Long Long Long Time…

yes, 58 years can be a long, long, long time – but not as a lifetime. the mixed feelings of grief that occupied me these days were caused on one side by the fact that its once again the anniversary of the loss of a great idol, and on the other side by the horrid fact how irreversably fast time flies. yes, it is exactly ten years ago today that george harrison passed away. to me this was a very incisive and dramatic event – first, because it was the first (and to this day – luckily – only) death of a beatle to happen in my lifetime, and second because my grandfather died just a couple of days later in early december 2001 from the same illness that george succumbed to (although he was lucky enough to reach a little higher age).
as an atheist i probably disagree with george or many of his fans that he is “in a better place” now (even if this should be being reborn or what else one can think of), i simply say lets thing of the awesome life this lad has had – a life many of will …

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Cilla Black: Anyone Who Had A Heart / Just For You (1964)

here we have another cute girl pop number, this time from the other side of the big pond. cilla black was born priscilla white in liverpool 1943, and was the first (and only) female musician to sign a contract with the beatles’ manager brian epstein. funny enough she picked up ‘black’ as her stage name after the editor of the local music newspaper ‘mersey beat’ wrote about her with that name by mistake. ‘anyone who had a heart’ was her first #1 hit and her big breakthrough, after her first single ‘love of the loved’ (a lennon/mccartney song) only made it to #35 in the UK. it is a sweet and touching ballad about unreturned love, which becomes even more touching by cillas incredibly rich and powerful voice. when you first listen to this, the first impression that hits you might not even be the beauty of the song itself but rather the overwhelming realisation of ‘wow that girl can SING!’. cillas marvelous vocals are accompanied by some orchestration and a background choir, which makes the whole arrangement more sweet and soulful. awww, this is another number i just cant stop listening to! the b-side, however, is far …

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Irma Thomas: Wish Someone Would Care / Break-A-Way (1964)

here is my first music post for a loooong time, and it is special in many other ways, too. first of all this a very big favourite of mine, and also it is the first example of girl pop that i ever posted on twenty flight rock. and telling you why i love this record so much, i will start with the b-side: i have heard this song thousands of times on the radio sung by tracy ullman (as you may know i was as unfortunate as to be born around that time, the late 20th century). i always wondered how i could like a song from the 80s that much, because except from the blues brothers (1980) i dont let anything from that decade touch my ears (im a weird kind of purist somehow). of course i wasnt surprised at all when i found out that miss ullman covered a 60s song and instantly looked for the record to add it to my collection. in fact its a pretty shame that ullmans version became so popular and this one slipped into obscurity so soon. irma thomas, the ‘soul queen of new orleans’, who is often associated with …

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