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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Yet Another Turntable

this is the other turntable i bought in search of a 78rpm-capable one. it came from union, missouri and cost me $22.50. a really neat device in a wonderful condition, probably from the early or mid 60s. it is a portable one, the case is red and beige from the outside and it can play 16, 33, 45 and 78rpm. according to the sellers information it should work fine, but i cant test it becaue i dont have a step down voltage converter yet (i will tell you about the results once i have one). the brand is called vornado, which was the new name of the discount store two guys from 1959 on. thus the turntable must have been produced later than 1959, but as it still looks pretty much like 1950s style, i assume that its from the early 60s.

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

My New Turntable

hey folks, i know its been a while… but, well, heres the news: after obtaining my first shellac record (“come on a my house” by rosemary clooney (yes, she is related to george clooney – shes his aunt), 1951) i was in search of a turntable that can play at 78rpm and already has the special needle you need to play shellac. and then i found this vintage american portable model from philadelphia on ebay (cost me $47) – there will be a LOT of work to do, but im planning to restore it as far as possible.

it is unsure from which manufacturer this turntable is, as its top cover is missing and theres no label or plate on it. its made from bakelite and was produced in the 1950s (as assumed by the seller). the original power cord is missing, so i had no chance yet to turn it on but it looks ok as far as i can see. it was a little dirty from outside and it definitely has to be opened and professionally cleaned, some screwes have become loose after all those decades but i dont think there …

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A happy barthday, ol’ pal..


John Lennon: The Moldy Moldy Man
(In His Own Write, 1964)

I’m a moldy moldy man
I’m moldy thru and thru
I’m a moldy moldy man
You would not think it true.
I’m moldy till my eyeballs
I’m moldy til my toe
I will not dance I shyballs
I’m such a humble Joe.

dear john, a humble 71st birthday… we still miss you.

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