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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Findings


and now for your ears

if you cannot watch this because your country has silly laws for media distribution, try the tor browser at or choose a free proxy at (there you can also find instructions on how to set the proxy connection in your browser if you dont know how to do it); so that you can surf anonymously.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The 70th Bob-day


happy birthday, mr. dylan!

the voice of a generation – well, maybe not literally, but he sure is one of the most important songwriters, poets, philosophers and public figures of the 20th century. virtually everyone knows his name, and the number of his fans speaks for itself.
born in duluth, minnesota on the 24th may 1941 as robert allen zimmerman, his parents abram and beatrice additionally gave him the hebrew name shabtai zisel ben avraham. when he became 18 years old he first called himself bob dylan, with reference to the welsh poet dylan thomas.
just like the typical 1950s teenager he first listened to rock n roll, reportedly elvis, little richard and chuck berry. soon he found folk music to be more interesting – more serious and not as superficial as rock n roll. his favourite singer/songwriter became woody guthrie, and he learned to play all his songs.
dylan then went to new york and released his first lp in early 1962, which was simply titled ‘bob dylan’ and only contained two self-penned songs. his next album would provide the 1960s pacifist hymn, or maybe even his most famous song over all: ‘blowin …

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Hipster’s Manifest


yes, i am a hipster.

too bad the image of hipsters thats left in todays societys mind is just a caricature of young, anti-mainstream people, often mixed up with emos and experimentalists – narcissistic underground egocentrics who are just anti- everything. so what about the original hipsters, the real hepcats? in their time they were the real cool cats, not something to make fun of. so i see myself as a hipster in the sense of worshipping those original hepcats, keeping their music, lifestyle and culture alive.

hipsters are all anti-mainstream.

that totally depends on how you define mainstream. today, people like lady gaga are totally mainstream just because they tried not to be. so are the black eyed peas, justin bieber and all the other so-called ‘stars’ i just damn dont care about. i dont dislike them because theyre mainstream, i dislike them because theyre commercial products and not musicians in the original sense (only casting ‘bands’ are worse, because that whole concept leads the word ‘artist’ to the point absurdity). i dislike them because their so-called ‘music’ is crap. (if you disagree at this point, please just dont read on and leave this site. …

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Way Down in New Orleans…


happy birthday to eric burdon, who is 70 today.

though rather short in physical appearance, this man is one of the biggest living legends on music history, most notably of course in the british invasion. mostly known for his early years with the animals, of whom he was the singer and a founding member, he continued to be successful with his band war – a 180 degrees turn from the style of the animals.
he still tours today and i was lucky enough to see him live last summer, and witness that he hasnt lost any of his bold personality or his amazing voice.
but for now an all time classic, a song that is stuck in my head all day today. and to this day the animals version of this traditional folk song is the most well-known one: house of the rising sun. incredible how such a deep and rich voice could come out of such a (then) boyish young man… listen and get goosebumps:

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sunshine Superman

its the 65th birthday of donovan philips leitch (‘mellow yellow’, ‘universal soldier’, ‘colours’, and other hits) today, and to celebrate the famous scottish singer-songwriter, below you find a live performance of his evergreen 1968 hit atlantis (also one of my own favourites ;)). this is a song that takes you away like on the waves of the ocean, perfect to listen to if youre near the sea or at a shore or beach. listen closely to his luvly scottish accent in the spoken intro of this song, its nice.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

 John Maus (John Walker)

12th November 1943 – 7th May 2011
john walker, former member of the walker brothers, passed away last saturday, aged 67. what a sad thing to happen, as thats not really old anyway. say goodbye to mr. maus, and watch a video with him and sandie shaw singing ‘homeward bound’, for old times sake.

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Velvett Fogg: Velvett Fogg (1969)

heres one of my VERY favourite albums, one that i wanted to post for a long time. the original vinyl was quite difficult to get, i was observing ebay auctions for a while and noticed that even canadian pressings of this (originally british) lp changed hands for some money. so i was pretty happy to get this original uk pressing for less than fifty quid.
if youve already heard of the group named velvett fogg than you do know the album too and maybe just stop reading here. if NOT, you MUST read on! so lets start with the track that makes this album so incredibly fantastic, the unbelievably awesome opening track ‘yellow cave woman’. seven-minute psychedelic brain eruption on the repetitive beats of doom, the organ from minds rock bottom. this song is such a blast, it still is too short and im sad every time its over. it may take several times listening to it until you like it, but dont give up, its awesome as hell. heres what fogg-songwriter keith law has to say about this great song:
I wrote this song and it’s guitar riff back in 1967. It was about a …

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