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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

VA: Tangerine Bubble Beat

as promised before, here i am back with some new fresh music. again, this is a compilation i put together as an mp3-cd for my car, so its basically just all the stuff i happen to listen to a lot at the moment, thrown together (although i tried to sort the tracks in a way that makes sense according to genres) – so again you have to expect very few famous hits and loads of obscure rare stuff. about the first 60 to 70 tracks are pure nitty-gritty garage rock, then it gets a little more psychedelic. tracks 105 to 121 are old, vintage rock n roll and even older rhythm n blues, followed by another bunch of sweet psychedelia. the whole collection finishes off with some more heavy stuff, so it really covers a lot of moods.

the first of some highlights id like to mention is track 32, “somebodys gonna get their head kicked in tonite”, a late-60s rocker by some obscure group called earl vince and the valiants – which is a pseudonym for nobody else but peter greens fleetwood mac! yeah, this is just the way we like them – despite that …

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