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Friday, 17 December 2010

Save As Milk… But Not Save Enough

 Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet)

15th January 1941 – 17th December 2010
what a sad start into the day, reading that one of my very favourite musicians has passed away. after his amazing output with the magic band, his later work with frank zappa, and even and often overlooked career as a painter (click here), he was stuck to a wheelchair for the last twenty years of his life. how tragic… and it brings me to tears, that he died this friday of complications of multiple sclerosis.
we lost one of the big ones here.

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

VA: Acid Rocks

yes, today is the day, the day that, one year ago, the twenty flight rock blog was started!
the year went fast, and it still amazes me when i look at this site and see that we already have 167 posts full of music, music history and musicians in history and memorabilia from the good old days.
especially the series with the BRAVO beatles starschnitt was greatly appreciated. i recieved a lot of nice and heart warming feedback for it, and that makes me very happy.
of course there has also been trouble, pictures being deleted and DMCA complaints about posts. i mostly had not much time for working on this blog, especially these days. but im sure the new year will be more relaxed and we can again share plenty of old memories, records and favourite pieces of music here.

as a special TFR-birthday present for you, here is a 221-song compilation of my favourite music. i put this together about a year ago as a cd to listen to while driving in my car. with over 200 tracks on it, it doesnt get boring too soon! but also, …

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Arf, Arf, He Goes, a Merry Sight

 i assume that most of you know what happened today – exactly thirty years ago. after celebrating john lennons 70th birthday in october, this year we also have to take into account that he is already gone for three decades now.
i will not say much about him and his death now – if youre interested in the historical details, visit wikipedia. if you want to read some pathetic obituary, visit some other site. lets just let the artist speak for himself, with one of his poems that i count among my very favourites. of course it is a sad poem, because december 8th is a sad day, about a dog who was decided to cease his happy and humble existence. it feels awkward to think about the bitter irony in this – the irony about who really was the dog, being put to sleep some 16 years later…

John Lennon: Good Dog Nigel
(In His Own Write, 1964)

Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sight,
Our little hairy friend,
Arf, Arf, upon the lampost bright
Arfing round the bend.
Nice dog! Goo boy,
Waggie …

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