Wednesday, 3 November 2010

65 Years – a ‘Good Old Boy’!

as a tribute to one of my favourite rock bands, lets celebrate the 65th birthday of nick simper – who most of you most likely wont know. he was a founding member of deep purple and their bass player until being replaced by roger glover in summer 1969. but even before that he wasnt unknown in englands music scene of the 1960s. after playing in several rock & roll bands in the early 60s he joined johnny kidd and the pirates in 1966, just shortly before kidd died in a car crash on 7th october. nick himself had been in the car when the accident occured, but survived injured. he kept playing with the pirates until 1967, when he joined the flower pot men and their garden, where he met jon lord with whom he joined deep purple in early 1968.
after recording three albums with the group he was thrown out alongside singer rod evans in mid 1969. in 1970 he teamed up with screaming lord sutchs “heavy friends” (among others those were: ritchie blackmore, noel redding, matthew fisher, carlo little and keith moon) for an all-star show that was recorded live and released two years later under the title “hands of jack the ripper”. his next big band after deep purple was warhorse, which he founded in 1970 and recorded two albums with. later projects were nick simpers fandango and the good old boys (yes, exactly the same name as in the blues brothers movie).
he still is an active musician today, so lets just wish him a happy birthday and reminisce in some good old times – therefor, heres a nice little video full of colourful 60s zeitgeist with deep purple playing hush for hugh hefner in playboy after dark in october 1968:



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  1. High Class Man…
    An important stone in the purple history…
    Nice to see him back in light with Nasty Habits…

  2. yes indeed, very nice! thanks for visiting! :)

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