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The Moody Blues: The Magnificent Moodies (1965)

alright folks, all the pictures have been uploaded successfully, so here we go with the next record. i bought this record as a primary issue (first pressing), but as it turned out it is a re-pressing (wine red decca label, thus must be post 1970). however, this at least provides us a perfect crystal clear sound quality on this beautiful mono LP.
i dont think i have to introduce the group a lot, as virtually EVERYONE knows nights in white satin – but here we have the moodys debut record, still recorded with their first singer denny laine (later replaced by justin hayward, who sang their famous no 1 hit). so you can expect typical british invasion, mid-60s pop beat stuff, with some nice r&b; influences.
i must admit that i like the a-side much better than the b-side, although it contains mostly cover songs while the b-side has all the original denny laine / mike pinder songs on it.
however, on the a-side we have beautiful, grooving renditions of james browns ill go crazy and i dont mind (with mike pinder on vocals), chris kenners something you got and of course the moodys break-trough hit go now, together with ‘i dont mind’ the best songs on the entire LP (imho).
the b-side offers nice self-penned compositions like let me go and stop, and is finished off with a cool rocking r&b; cover of sonny boy williamsons bye bye bird.
on the rear cover we have a more or less standard sleeve note:


I first heard the Moody Blues on my radio one night, just before going to bed. I caught “Go Now” in its opening bars, and as the record played on, I became more and more hung up, waiting for the D.J. to tell me who it was. And then finally he announced “… the magnificent Moody Blues”. I bought the record at 9.30 the next morning. I caught the Moodies live a few weeks later, and their soulful sound knocked me out. Since then, I have been made to wait for almost a year for their first album – and the first chance to get the real feel of the Moodies: own sound.
Listen ot Denny Laine’s fantastic timing on “Bye Bye Bird”, and his beautiful guitar solo on “Can’t Nobody Love You”; the harmonies and Mike Pinder’s piano on “Let Me Go”, one of the four stunning Pinder-Laine compositions. All knitted together by Graham Edge on drums, Clint Warwick on bass and Ray (flute, maraccos, harmonica, tambourine) Thomas. Listen to their solid choral harmonies. Listen to the way they achieve sounds as powerful as a great soulful orchestra without double-tracking a single musician – without any assistance but their own.
But sleeve note – hell. With the Moody Blues, all you need to write is “MAGNIFICENT” in pink lipstick and leave it at that.

Virginia Ironside,
Music critic, Daily Mail.

and a pretty interesting and rather surrealistic comment by donovan:

Here we sit in a warm black room
the whining silence is the stage
mad marionettes dancing in the pitch
then the coolness came
the sounds of blues came mellow
it moved me to somewhere else
The Moody Blues turned me on to their
music that night
Their writing has all the sensitiveness
an’ feeling that makes music cool to
listen to
the tracks on this LP will show the
sort of scene they have got going
you will probably call it contemporary
blues – it could be if you want it to be
it doesn’t matter
just let it pass through you.


as always, tell me if you like it, what the LP reminds you of… anything that comes up your mind is appreciated in the comments section.
see you soon with more cool new stuff, currently im “repairing” the twenty flight jukebox.

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  1. avatar Thalamus said:

    Thanks a lot for this one. I love Moody Blues and I haven't known about this album (yes, I know, it's a shame…)



  2. oh thats great! nice to know that i brought something fresh and new to you :)
    im sure you will love it, because it shows that even in their humble beginnings they already were a fantastic group.

    have a nice day,

  3. avatar Thalamus said:

    The password is mis-spelled (I have already find out the correct one – it was easy :))


  4. oh, thanks for the info!

  5. avatar The Bomber said:

    Great review & post! Welly welly well… a nice lp, I must say thou its not my favourite, but a cute early pop-non-experimental for the guys…before the "psych-mood".

    "the tracks on this LP will show the
    sort of scene they have got going
    you will probably call it contemporary
    blues" wise lines…

    Bien estar,

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