Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Jacques Dutronc: La Publicité (1967)

resuming the series on french artists that i once started (yes i admit it is not very coherent), heres a (imho) marvelous ep by french singer jacques dutronc (husband of francoise hardy by the way).
the style of his music ranges from 60s pop, rock to garage rock or yeye as french 60s music is often called, and – unlike michel polnareff for instance – exclusively sung in french. the title track is a swinging little number with a lot of drive, followed by a slow beautiful ballad somewhat more into the vein of chanson, with amazing soft vocals. again i am sorry that i cant tell you a lot about the lyrics, if youre curious just google the title and look for a translation (the better if you speak french yourself ;-).
the flipside starts with a song that id call the weakest on this record, but, as this is a fine record, even the weakest song is a good one. well, my favourite track on this ep, and i must say also my favourite dutronc song over all, is the last one: hippie hippie hourrah. this time i also looked up the lyrics, and it is worthwhile because theyre not only beautifully poetic, but also capture the newly discovered feeling of being free of the arising hippie movement at its best. im honest, this song simply gives me goosebumps, even after all these innumerous times that i have listened to it. apart from the lyrics the song bears somewhat of a bitter sweetness, that supports yearning for personal and ideological freedom which is created inside the listener. it also has its psychy moments, which lead to the song appearing on the infamous ‘incredible sound show stories’ (volume 11).
so much about my opinion, i want to share this sheer beauty of a record with you and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do – as always im curious about what you think… just let me know!

interesting links:
official website
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  1. avatar The Bomber said:

    A cover with tons of attitttuuddee.

    Ohhh a real delight.

    For me when Jacqu press the fuzz bottom sounded much better…

    Si señor!

    Abrazos querida.

  2. WOW you were extremely fast with commenting this time!!!! :O i hadnt even finished my other posts for today –
    respect ;D

    yeah yeah, i know youre the master of dutronc and all the french eps (makes me feel envious of your collection). but ill try to catch up, this is just the beginning!

    hope you can manage to get back to some blogging as well, i guess we all miss your BOMBS!

    abrazos amigo!!!

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