Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Gary Walker: You Don’t Love Me / Get It Right (1966)

heres the first of the two solo 45 by walker brother gary (leeds), after i posted ‘twinkie-lee’ quite some time ago.
i must admit that this is not my favourite record, which is obvious as i only rated it three stars. the a-side is a slow, sloppy garage rocker which sounds a little boring to me, as nothing really happens throughout the whole song. the same applies to the b-side, but ‘get it right’ to me sounds even annoying – perhaps like if youd cross the monks with the fabulous wailers or something like that.
well, as i already said, i dont really like this record (cover art btw is taken from the web as my copy came without sleeve) and i only posted it for the sake of completeness, but perhaps you can take some pleasure in it.
if youre new to this blog id strongly recommend to download Twinkie-Lee / She Makes Me Feel Better aswell, as its a hell of an improvement compared to this (debut) release.

interesting links:
gary walker & the rain: album no. 1 on garden of delights
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  1. Thank you for this Gary Walker single, this is great stuff. Much greater than I would have expected :)

    Anc BTW thank you for the link to the other, good songs too.

  2. youre welcome! im happy that you like this record – obviously more than i do, so its even better!

    i will try to fix the problem with the pictures as soon as possible.

    thanks for visiting!

  3. avatar hilke said:

    thanks for this 2 solo-singles,
    especially for the b-sides,
    which are very hard to find
    (never got re-issued on cd
    as far as I know). Generally
    I agree with you that the
    Gary Walker & the Rain LP
    is his best effort.

  4. thanks for commenting hilke :)
    interesting to know that there is no cd-reissue of those songs… i could have bet there was, because generally the old gary walker stuff seems to be very popular; well at least gary walker and the rain ;)
    ive been hunting for the original vinyl lp for ages, but its impossible to get. and if, i dont wanna know the price XD

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