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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stairway to Heaven

 John Henry Bonham

31st May 1948 – 25th September 1980
today, thirty years ago, the drummer of the legendary super-group led zeppelin died one of the classic rock star deaths (alcohol overdose). when the group was formed first as the “new yardbirds” by guitarist jimmy page, in 1968, no one could foresee the tremendous success they would soon achieve with immortal hits like whole lotta love, dazed and confused, and among many other great songs of course the famous stairway to heaven.
so to revive the time before bonhams sad decline, heres a concert footage from 1975, at the groups very heyday:

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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Voodoo Child

 James Marshall Hendrix

27th November 1942 – 18th September 1970
now this is a special day that is not only celebrated on tfr. today it is exactly 40 years ago that jimi hendrix died at the age of 27. i guess i dont have to introduce him, because even people who are not interested in music know his name (think of how few artists accomplished that).
instead of repeating the endless worshipping phrases that you hear so often these days – as seemingly anyone wants to say something about this “mythical” guitar god – my present for you today is the classic piece of art above (just click the picture to see / download it in full resolution). as the original is hanging on my wall and FAR too large for scanning, this is a photo that i took of the poster, and i tried to retouch it a little so that it looks fine.
now instead of ‘star spangled banner’ or ‘hey joe’ (which are the songs i guess i heard most on the radio these days), heres a personal favourite of mine: ‘voodoo child’:

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Beatles: Bravo Magazine Starschnitt Part 43 & 44 of 44

HERES WHAT YOU ALL ‘VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! the two final parts of the beatles starschnitt, which started in the humble beginnings of this blog, last december.
to celebrate this and to catch up with last week, here are both parts in a single post. again i must apologize for the delay and for the long silence on tfr, but many things are happening right now, private as well as job-related. nothing bad or stressful, but just too many changes at a time. theres a big exam for me to take at the end of this month; when its done posts will be more regular again.

i hope you enjoyed the starschnitt series, either to refresh beloved memories from the good ol times, or to discover new stuff from “back then”. as this is the only music-related starschnitt (and the only complete one) that i have, the BRAVO-series will end here. im already thinking of a new project to post in parallel to the vinyl records, but nothing will be revealed yet at this point.
to those who downloaded and perhaps printed out all the puzzle-parts, if you put them together and …

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Gary Walker: You Don’t Love Me / Get It Right (1966)

heres the first of the two solo 45 by walker brother gary (leeds), after i posted ‘twinkie-lee’ quite some time ago.
i must admit that this is not my favourite record, which is obvious as i only rated it three stars. the a-side is a slow, sloppy garage rocker which sounds a little boring to me, as nothing really happens throughout the whole song. the same applies to the b-side, but ‘get it right’ to me sounds even annoying – perhaps like if youd cross the monks with the fabulous wailers or something like that.
well, as i already said, i dont really like this record (cover art btw is taken from the web as my copy came without sleeve) and i only posted it for the sake of completeness, but perhaps you can take some pleasure in it.
if youre new to this blog id strongly recommend to download Twinkie-Lee / She Makes Me Feel Better aswell, as its a hell of an improvement compared to this (debut) release.

interesting links:
gary walker & the rain: album no. 1 on garden of delights
gary walker on rateyourmusic
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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Jacques Dutronc: La Publicité (1967)

resuming the series on french artists that i once started (yes i admit it is not very coherent), heres a (imho) marvelous ep by french singer jacques dutronc (husband of francoise hardy by the way).
the style of his music ranges from 60s pop, rock to garage rock or yeye as french 60s music is often called, and – unlike michel polnareff for instance – exclusively sung in french. the title track is a swinging little number with a lot of drive, followed by a slow beautiful ballad somewhat more into the vein of chanson, with amazing soft vocals. again i am sorry that i cant tell you a lot about the lyrics, if youre curious just google the title and look for a translation (the better if you speak french yourself ;-).
the flipside starts with a song that id call the weakest on this record, but, as this is a fine record, even the weakest song is a good one. well, my favourite track on this ep, and i must say also my favourite dutronc song over all, is the last one: hippie hippie hourrah. this time i also looked up the lyrics, and …

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Monday, 6 September 2010

Long Gone: Tom Fogerty

 Tom Fogerty

9th November 1941 – 6th September 1990
tom fogerty was the elder brother of john fogerty, and a member of creedence clearwater revival, the golliwogs and tommy fogerty and the blue velvets. after his time with ccr he recorded several solo albums and died from aids (being infected from blood transfusions), twenty years ago today.

solo debut and biography
the golliwogs (pre- creedence clearwater revival) on wings of dream
more ccr stuff

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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Zero He Flies… Happy Birthday Al Stewart!

65 today – scottish folk singer-sonwriter alastair ian stewart aka al stewart is mostly known for his 1976 hit ‘year of the cat’, though i largely prefer his earlier works. his very first 45 even featured a yardbirds cover on the b-side, ‘turn into earth’, which first cought my attention before i started to explore his 1960s records. the 18 minute title track of his ’69 lp ‘love chronicles’ was one of the first songs that officially included the F-word, certainly quite revolutionary at the time.
below you see a concert movie trailer of the 1970 holland festival of music, featuring al stewarts beautiful folk ballad ‘zero she flies’:

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Friday, 3 September 2010

He Went Up the Country

 Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson

4th July 1943 – 3rd September 1970
today it is exactly fourty years ago that the lead singer, guitarist, composer and band leader of canned heat, alan ‘blind owl’ wilson tragically entered the so-called “club 27”. his life ended with drugs, like that of so many other musicians. just a year before the band had gained world fame with their legendary performance of ‘going up the country’ at woodstock. canned heat helped shaping the genre that is known as “boogie rock” from the first hour on, while never leaving the vintage path of their raw bluesrock roots. their most famous and widely remembered songs, like the aforementioned one, or evergreens like ‘on the road again’ (see video below), ‘poor moon’, ‘human condition’ and others lived from wilsons high and clear voice – the groups trademark until his premature death four decades ago.

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