Sunday, 29 August 2010

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 8

to get some variety into this blog again, heres another volume of the ‘rock sessions’ series. starting off with a mad percussion firework by deep purple in their first lineup, this is an issue packed with sweet treats from great bands and tasty obscurities.
track number 3 is a driving little rocker from humble pies (seen in the background of the cover art) ’69 debut album, following a just as fantastic classic number by cream, n.s.u.
a couple of tracks later, theres my very favourite live number by the five-live-yardbirds, which they played 1966 for the BBC – ‘over under sideways down’. a haunting track full of energy that will get you going, and at least singing along, for sure!
just as haunting, but far more heavy is track number 10. sounding a lot more like humble pie already, this track though was still recorded by the small faces in their original lineup with steve marriott giving a rough and ready vocal performace, of the kind that lead to him being suggested as the singer for the supergroup-to-be led zeppelin. marriott declined and formed humble pie the same year.
following up is a classic number by vanilla fudge, the almost 7 minute cover of ‘you keep me hanging on’ (released by the supremes a year before, but mostly remembered in the 1986 cover version by kim wilde).
the next track is one of those sweet obscurities i was talking about. or have you ever heard of a group named red dirt? ‘memories’ is a dreamy-soft ballad-kind of late 60s psych, and every now and then appears on respective compilations. following up is a just as odd number (at least the bands name has a similar oddity), a cover of simon and garfunkels scarborough fair by the late 60s / early 70s underground outfit ugly custard. stretched to over five minutes, it becomes a perfectly otherworldly, meditative progressive rock piece with some harder heavy rocks licks in between – a true masterpiece!
track number 15 is a crazy freakbeat instrumental by the small faces, like no one would expect it after listening to lazy sunday or itchycoo park. what a blast, and what a shame this band broke up so soon. another interesting song is number 17, ‘sinner boy’ by rory gallagher (playing guitar on the cover art). this is truely one of my very favourite recordings by him, its a fantastic early 70s bluesy rock masterpiece that is by far unmatched, due to gallaghers amazing guitar licks. what a hero in music history, he too was gone far too early.
the last two tracks are quite interesting aswell. first there is a 70s rock – freakbeat hybrid by a spanish group named evolution, a sort of ‘dr robert’-remake (a drug doctor being the songs theme), titled ‘dr vazquez’. the song is very fast and can become annoying after listening to it too many times, but if youre in the mood for speedy psych rockers, this is the stuff youre looking for. the last number is a ’66 effort by the troggs, ‘i just sing’. also rather psychy, this is a nice little pop song far away from the cheap spirit of ‘wild thing’ and it certainly had deserved more attention, but remains a subject to troggs fans instead.

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  1. Chasing Shadows ∙ Deep Purple ∙ 1969
  2. N.S.U. ∙ Cream ∙ 1966
  3. Bang! ∙ Humble Pie ∙ 1969
  4. Tousaw ∙ Blind Ravage ∙ 1971
  5. Over Under Sideways Down (live) ∙ The Yardbirds ∙ 1966
  6. Revelation in Slow Motion ∙ Count Five ∙ 1967
  7. Used to Be ∙ Rory Gallagher ∙ 1972
  8. The Sun Won’t Shine Forever ∙ Peacepipe ∙ 1970
  9. Bloodsucker ∙ Deep Purple ∙ 1970
  10. Wham Bam, Thank You Mam ∙ Small Faces ∙ 1969
  11. You Keep Me Hangin’ on ∙ Vanilla Fudge ∙ 1967
  12. Memories ∙ Red Dirt ∙ 1970
  13. Scarborough Fair ∙ Ugly Custard ∙ 1971
  14. I’m Looking for a Saxophonist ∙ The Artwoods ∙ 1966
  15. Own Up Time ∙ Small Faces ∙ 1966
  16. Milk Cow Blues ∙ The Kinks ∙ 1965
  17. Sinner Boy ∙ Rory Gallagher ∙ 1971
  18. Tombstone Blues ∙ Bob Dylan ∙ 1965
  19. Dr. Vazquez ∙ Evolution ∙ 1970
  20. I Just Sing ∙ The Troggs ∙ 1966


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