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Episode Six: Here, There And Everywhere / Mighty Morris Ten (1966)

this is a kind of re-up, but not really. i posted this record before, but without cover art. i have an original english pressing, with a company sleeve, and now i also have a german pressing – with original picture cover! if anyone has ever tried to collect original covers of episode six records, he will know how terribly rare and expensive they are. both records play in exactly the same quality, so if you downloaded the other rip before you will not notice that its a new rip i post here.
now for those who missed the first post, heres what i wrote about this record before on 20th february:

have you ever heard ian gillan, singer of hard rocking deep purple, sing a sweet melodic beatles cover? well, heres your chance! from 1965 right until joining purples second incarnation in summer 1969, episode six was the group that gillan and his mate roger glover (who also was a founding member) were part of, as lead singer and bass player respectively. they only relased a couple of singles and played a few times at the bbc (once filling in for pink floyd who didnt appear for playing), but never scored any major hits, just minor goodies like i can see through you (which surprisingly is no beatles cover but a self-penned number). due to that theyre mainly known to deep purple fans and collectors, otherwise rather remain a british beat obscurity. with their music they covered up various styles and genres popular at the time, from beat to pop to psychedelic.
here we hear their pop-side: please enjoy gillans beautiful, sophisitcated vocals on the lennon-mccartney cover a-side, here there and everywhere. especially if songs like fireball, bloodsucker or other rock numbers from that period are coming up your mind, youll be more than surprised at just how clear, softly and simply beautiful he managed to sing (sometimes even higher and more femalish than sir paul) and that he was much more of a talented singer, rather than just “the screaming man”. when i first heard this song i was just astonished, plainly speechless. another delight concerning this track are the male-female vocal harmonies when sheila carter joins in (in the beatles version the female part was paul) at the line “love never dies”. and beside all that, here there and everywhere – no matter who is singing it – simply is a beautiful, heart warming song one simply cannot dislike.

the b-side, mighty-morris-ten, is a rather tounge-in-cheek beach boys spoof about a car race in which the 96 year old mighty morris ten beats all the other cars. well, definitely not very serious or sophisticated but it somehow is so funny that i just love listening to it. me and my mighty morris ten, burning up the inside lane… accompanied by surf-styled backing vocals, one just has to love this – inmho.
another interesting fact about this record: it was released on the 19th august 1966 – ian gillans 21st birthday. although he has celebrated some more birthdays meanwhile, this still is a nice date to remember, especially as this 45 is so great. somehow belated, but anyway – happy birthday ian!

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