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Johnny Kidd & The Pirates: A Shot of Rhythm and Blues / I Can Tell (1962)

a real classic from englands early 60s rock&roll-beat; scene, heres a marvelous cover of ‘a shot of rhythm and blues’ (first released the year before by arthur alexander) by legendary johnny kidd (born frederick alfred heath) and his pirates, who died at the young age of 30 in a car crash. although during the groups early days he had gained quite a reputation, he didnt become a devotionally worhsipped rock-myth like eddie cochran or buddy holly – and, well, just imagine going out on the street today and asking people about him. who will remember that it was him who wrote the famous song ‘shakin all over‘?
among collectors and followers of the british rock&roll; scene though his work is still highly acclaimed. but by the time the fatal accident happened, the heydays of shakin all over and such were long gone and kidd was trying for a comeback. the lineup of his pirates now changed a lot, and especially the job of the bassist was vacant. many applied for it, among them the future bassist of the belgian beat group the shake spears, and the future bassist of a group that would start as ’roundabout’ – nick simper. nick was lucky – or not so lucky rather – to get the job and played with the pirates for a while (he appeared on one side only: ‘send for that girl‘, 1966). bad luck it was, because in october 1966 the car in which he and kidd were sitting that night was involved in an accident, killing kidd and injuring nick badly. he broke his arm and couldnt play for months. after a short stint with the psych pop group the flower pot men (‘lets go to san francisco’) together with organist jon lord (the both dont appear on any recording by this group), he and jon joined roundabout in 1968 which soon became deep purple.
thus, in the heart of hard-core deep purple fans johnny kidd also has a place – and apart from that its simply worth listening to his music, even if youre just looking for some nostalgic 60s feeling, british invasion stuff. i must add that i am very surprised by the sound quality of the rip i made, believe me the record looked so bad that i couldnt believe my ears when i played it. compensating for this, we lack a cover art this time (not even a record company sleeve).
the b-side is not as much a killer as the a-side, but its a nice cover aswell: ‘i can tell (you dont love me no more)’, a song that is also well remembered being played by rory storm and the hurricanes.
please let me know if you like this, i can just tell you i love it!

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1 Comment

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    Would have liked to have heard this but the link appears to be dead.

    Any chance of a re-up?

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