Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sweet Child in Time, You’re 65

who was born on the 19th august? in 1943 it was william howard ashton, better known as billy j kramer, and in 1945 on this day a guy named ian gillan was born – and, yes, thats his real name.
born to a glaswegian father and an english mother, in his teens ian first wanted to be a film star at any cost. like elvis had done it, he tried to enter the film business through music business. his first professional band were the javelins, whom he joined in 1962 and left two years later.

at the age of twenty he joined the first group that actually recorded and released records, episode six. ian shared keyboard and vocal duties with the groups female singer sheila carter, and on 21st january 1966 he appeared on ‘put yourself in may place’ / ‘thats all i want’ – together with a musician who would accompany him throughout large parts of his musical career: roger glover (who also wrote the b-side of that 45, and most of the other episode six songs). episode six released nine singles in total, and plans for an album were aborted when the group partly split up in early 1969.

in summer 1969 he was asked to join deep purple as their new singer, just after rod evans and bassist nick simper had been thrown out of the group (ironically, ian had rejected an earlier request by deep purple before they had hired evans, and decided to stay with episode six). so gillan and glover joined this group who was going to have their giant break-through with the immortal ‘in rock’ lp the very next year, and the rest is history.

but today, lets celebrate the amazing screamer who made so many rock songs unforgettable – the sweet child in time, with his sweet and brilliant voice. happy birthday ian!

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  1. avatar DanP said:

    Thanks for the nicely-wrought capsule history lesson, Sarah! Love this sort of backstory on the bands & musicians I love.

  2. youre welcome ;) i once downloaded an active desktop calender, that shows pop up messages when starting the pc on specific dates. and i began to enter all the birth-(and death-)days of musicians that i could think of or that i had in my collection. but that was such an extensive task that i once stopped for a while – and forgot to which letter i had made it! so either ill have to start it all over again, or ill miss some important dates.
    but i know all the birthdays of the deep purple members by heart, so this post was no problem ;-)

  3. I gather from the comments that “Anyone’s Daughter” is Sarah… Hi Sarah! My first major musical crush was on Deep Purple, so i am really glad i discovered your blog. When i was about 11, living a lonely preteen life in rural Maine, i wrote a fan letter to Ian Gillan (got a fanmail address in Melody Maker, if i remember correctly) complete with my colored-pencil drawing of his face. Never got a reply! Hmph!!
    Anyway i hadn’t listened to them in years, but i am getting a USB turntable in hopes of playing my old vinyl (i have the Book of Taliesyn and Deep Purple, but have no idea where all my others went! I had them all the way up to the Coverdale days, but my favorite was the self-titled one) and getting some of it onto my iPod. So i have been replaying my Purple. Some of the best, most romantic songs ever done were from those early Rod Evans LPs! Though i just looked him up, looks like there’s not much known about his whereabouts now, and him calling himself DP didn’t go over too well.
    Well! Carry on! Thanks for your site.

  4. hi laura! this is the nicest comment i received in years, thank you :-)
    glad to hear you love the early purple as much as i do, it seems we have the same favourite DP albums. i’m also glad to hear that you have all the good stuff on vinyl, thats marvelous! i have a huge collection of DP vinyl, my mother’s cousin gave it to me since he no longer owns a turntable.
    DP was also my first major musical crush, if you dont count the beatles which had always been there (since i was a baby practically). it was their self-titled album that got me hooked ;-) i must have been 15 or 16 at the time.
    as far as i know rod evans hasnt been seen in decades and its not even certain that he’s still alive… i hope he is though :-)

    thanks again for visiting my site and all the best,

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