Thursday, 19 August 2010

Episode Six: I Can See Through You / When I Fall In Love (1967)

concerning the time of its release, ‘here there and everywhere’ would have been more appropriate to post now, as it was released on just this day 44 years ago (19th august 1966 – ian gillans 21st birthday). but due to the order in which i bought the records this ones the one thats left at the moment (episode six records are quite rare to get and also rather expensive (and of those with original picture cover one can only dream – thus of course this cover is taken from the web, i could only scan the bare record for you).
however, ‘i can see through you’, is perhaps the most beautiful song written by roger glover. bright, colorful beat music in the vein of mid-to-late 60s british psych-pop with gorgeous male-female vocal harmonies and of course gillans soft, clear voice – still “unspoilt” by hard rock and heavy metal (cigarettes and alcohol included). the song contains a rather harsh instrumental bridge that i find a little annoying, but the cute flute sequence that follows it opening another (extended) chorus outweighs it all. what can i say, this song simply makes me feel good. go and try it out yourself.
the b-side though is a cover song (originally by victor young), and a slow ballad that i think is rather trashy and i dont really like it. even harder to think that this is “mr smoke-on-the-water” when listening to this! if youre into sweet pop songs, you might like it though. as the a-side is so very astonishing, i rate this 45 five stars over all. get it!
and – happy birthday again mr gillan!

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  1. avatar rabbit-fighter said:

    Cool, I've never seen this one before but you never steer me wrong. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. youre welcome rabbit-fighter! its great to see that youre such a reliable reader… and even greater that you enjoy the stuff i post.
    i am always searching for new episode six records, and who knows, maybe ill be lucky again some time ;)

  3. avatar DanP said:

    Hi Sarah–looking forward to catching up on the activity here. Your efforts are much appreciated!

  4. avatar DanP said:

    All right, love the A-Side! You're right, the flute is cute! Very cool! Yeah, hard to believe the b-side is from the people who it's from! Thanks so much, Sarah!

  5. youre welcome, dan ;-) nice to see you around here again

  6. avatar RayG said:

    Very nice, Sarah. You know quite a bit more about music from "my" era than I do. Always nice to learn about a group or track I've never heard (or heard of) before.

  7. hi ray, its always nice to see that people actually read the stuff i write and even like it. introducing them to old music didnt know yet is even better, and it is the main reason for which i run this blog.
    hope to see you again, new posts will be here soon!

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