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VA: Rock Sessions Volume 7

returning to my original compilation series, heres volume 7 of the ‘rock session’ 15 cd set.
starting off with a white album classic by the beatles, we have a lot of classic tracks again this time; especially beatles ones, but also ‘strange brew’ by cream and ‘down the road apiece’ by the rolling stones for instance. as always, to get you interested in this cd ill just pick a few interesting songs that i find worth mentioning.
first of all theres ‘shangri-la‘ from the kinks ’69 arthur-lp. it always surprises me how this song still remains fairly unknown (except among kinks fans of course), especially as it is such a beautiful song. as usual for later kinks material, this is ray davies critical voice on ‘successful’ people, who reached everything they could achieve (reached their ‘shangri-la’ – which originally was a mythical valley in which people didnt age), and those who did not although they worked just as hard. apart from the message in this song, theres the beautifully sung chorus that always gives my goosebumps when listening to this opus.
another really beautiful song is track number 5, ‘reason why’ by five day rain (highly sought after, obscure psych band). it is about a man leaving his girl because he wants to go and see new things and places, to ‘ramble on’. the vocals are slightly distorted, with a nice and mellow piano accompaniment – lovely psych-pop! the song was later covered by the rather obscure group ‘one way ticket’, whose ’68 lp containing the song only surfaced ten years after it had been recorded. i am not sure because perhaps i got some false version, but to me the original and the cover version sound primarily alike.
the next song that id like to highlight is ‘ill go alone’ by steve marriotts follow-up band to the small faces, humble pie. released on their debut album, ‘as safe as yesterday is’, it features both the vocals of marriott himself and former the herd-member peter frampton, and some fine guitar work.
track number 10 on this compilation is a rendition of robert johnsons 1937 ‘terraplane blues’ by canned heat. the original sexual metaphor around the car-model terraplane is lost in this version, due to the fact that it is instrumental. nevertheless a fine listen, crystal clear guitar playing and a tune that will certainly be stuck in your head for at least a couple of days.
the cover art of this volume is mostly taken from the album cover of the sacred mushrooms debut lp (1st prize for the weirdest band name on this issue!), from which i took ‘catatonic lover’ for this compilation.
the deep purple dose for this time is a unreleased track from 1970 deep purple in rock, ‘cry free’ – a speedy track with some great vocal-work by mr gillan, i guess theres nothing more to say about it!
the last three tracks contribute various genres to the end of this compilation, ‘dont need your lovin’ by the chocolate watchband is a rocky tune more into the garage vein, the beatles infamous ‘only a northern song’ represents some nice acid-psych stuff, and last but not least ‘time was’ by canned heat is somewhat of a melancholic blues-pop song – difficult to categorize, but as always: please indulge in these blasts from the past yourself and let me know about your opinion.

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  1. Savoy Truffle ∙ 1968
  2. Strange Brew ∙ Cream ∙ 1967
  3. Red Sea ∙ Warhorse ∙ 1971
  4. Shangri-La ∙ The Kinks ∙ 1969
  5. Reason Why ∙ Five Day Rain ∙ 1969
  6. I’ll Go Alone ∙ Humble Pie ∙ 1969
  7. Love Queen ∙ Orang-Utan ∙ 1971
  8. Motorpsycho Nitemare ∙ Bob Dylan ∙ 1964
  9. The Night Before ∙ 1965
  10. Terraplane Blues ∙ Canned Heat ∙ 1968
  11. Gutty Guitar ∙ Screaming Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends ∙ 1970
  12. Banana Split ∙ The Group Image ∙ 1968
  13. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ∙ The Beatles ∙ 1967
  14. Catatonic Lover ∙ The Sacred Mushroom ∙ 1969
  15. Cry Free ∙ Deep Purple ∙ 1970
  16. Foxy Lady ∙ The Jimi Hendrix Experience ∙ 1967
  17. Don’t Need Your Lovin’ ∙ Chocolate Watchband ∙ 1969
  18. Only a Northern Song ∙ 1967
  19. Time Was ∙ Canned Heat ∙ 1968


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1 Comment

  1. avatar The Bomber said:

    Highlights for me:
    the night before (my fav Beatles lp – a beat one, Abbey Road the 1st)
    Strange brew…
    gutty guitar…oh what a combo!
    Catatonic Lover…wild psychydose!
    James Marshall tune…
    coming from the garage, the Chocolate dude made great things, but the song here its not one of my …lets say; cup of "coffee"..

    Great Sarah, still not my favourite but I guess cause of the year, more "new" stuff here, mid past65`s.

    Bien estar,

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