Saturday, 31 July 2010

Grapefruit: C’Mon Marianne / Ain’t It Good (1968)

completely changing the subject, heres some lovely british psych-pop by one of my favourite groups: grapefruit – formerly known as ‘the grapefruit’ (named after yoko onos infamous book). their most famous song was ‘dear delilah‘ (to follow soon, i didnt have time to rip it yet), and their debut album ‘around grapefruit’ is legendary, most of the material being written by the groups bassist george alexander, born alexander young (his brother george young being a founding member of the easybeats, brothers malcom and angus young being founding members of AC/DC). one of the two swettenham brothers, geoff (drums), later joined the mysterious but just as legendary 70s prog band fynn mccool.

the nice psychedelic cover art is more than obviously “stolen” from pink floyds ‘the piper at the gates of dawn’! but now about the music:
‘cmon marianne’ is a fast, driving and cheery song with a dynamic drum beat, fresh and lively brass accompaniment and sweet beatlish background vocals. perfect to lift up your mood when feeling down!
sorry for the noise on the b-side, this is the best that i could make out of the original rip. ‘aint it good’ (written by alexander) is one of my very favourite grapefruit songs over all – this is happy, psychy pop without touching bubblegum or sunshine pop. really sweet and not trashy at all, with a nice little flute joining in now and then. the lively chorus has an uplifting message (“aint it good when somebody loves you”), and over all its hard for me to find words to describe this song that i love so much… the only word i can find now is “beautiful” – yes, ‘aint it good’ is plainly beautiful.
i am still looking for grapefruits debut lp on (original) vinyl, but it is rare as hell and extremely expensive… well, if ill be lucky some day and get it, i will instantly post it – because it truely is one of the 10 lps that i would take with me on a deserted (crusoe) island.

interesting links:
‘around grapefruit’ (1968) at wings of dream
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grapefruit on

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  1. avatar rabbit-fighter said:

    Thanks anyonesdaughter!

  2. avatar DanP said:

    Given that they're one of your favourite groups, I've got to check this out!

  3. you are surely two of my most reliable readers… thanks for commenting!

    please let me know if you liked it, dan!

  4. avatar DanP said:

    The B-side is a terrific piece (not that the A-side was shabby), and I'm with you — the chorus is really powerful! I'll waste no time giving these a second listen…

  5. avatar DanP said:

    Giving these a second listen — I'm going to have to hang on to these MP3s (wasn't planning on that) and play them for a few friends, and check out the links you've provided as well. Thanks Sarah!

    Ok, time to give "Ain't It Good" a third spin…That little bridge with the flute and the line about bluebirds is, indeed, beautiful!

  6. hi dan!
    yes, the 'bluebirds' are terrific… im happy to know that you like the song. thus i am more than sure that you will LOVE the whole album!
    as i said, to me 'around grapefruit' is essential. go and try the wings-of-dream link, there you can download the remastered version.
    i already picked 'dear delilah' / 'dead boot' and put it onto my desk, so i wont forget to rip it as soon as i have time for it.


  7. avatar DanP said:

    On your recommendation I've gone off to grab AROUND GRAPEFRUIT…

  8. aaaaaand? what do you think? :)

  9. avatar DanP said:

    I'll let you know! I haven't found a moment for it yet!

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