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VA: Rock Sessions Volume 5

hey folks, heres the surprise i promised to share with you as we celebrate our

10,000th visitor

today!! on this special occasion i have a double post with two volumes of my various artists compilation series for you. i hope you like it and please enjoy listening to this lovely collection of vintage songs.

on volume 5 of the rock sessions series there are a lot of classic songs most of you will be familiar with. take for instance the three songs of ten years after on this volume, a very favourite group of mine. the very first track i put here also is their biggest success or at least most popular number, ‘id love to change the world’, from their amazing ’71 album ‘a space in time’. musically not that outstanding, as it doesnt really feature the fantastic solos the group usually provides on their live tracks, but its a great rock song that fits mainstream taste and still gets stuck into your head. another well-known and also fantastic song on this cd is ‘although the sun is shining’ by fleetwood mac. although this is from their last album with peter green (the man on horseback you see in the picture above is taken form its cover art) and it does sound a lot like him (i must admit that i dont like the green-less fleetwood mac at all, he truely is one of my heroes in music), it was written by danny kirwan who joined in 1968 and is one of my favourite songs of theirs and of course will surprise anyone who just knows the “later” fleetwood mac.
another real classic song on this volume which i guess i do not have to introduce a lot is ‘layla’ by derek and the dominos alias eric claption and the dominos. the only speciality here is that i cut off the long instrumental part at the end of the song to make it more suitable for a compilation with many different songs being played one after the other instead of an album. in case you dont alreay know this, not only was ‘derek’ as pseudonym for eric clapton himself (to be seen on the right in the picture above), but ‘layla’ referred to a woman clapton just recently had fallen in love with, who was his best friends wife: pattie boyd, married to george harrison since 1966. pattie then left george and turned to eric but surprisingly the two men stayed good friends. nevertheless this amazing rock love song gets sort of a bitter-sweet note when thinking of its background story.
just after this number theres a song that virtually everyone knows, so nothing much to say about it: ‘hey joe’ sung and played by jimi hendrix (also featured on my cover art). this is neither a rarity nor a speciatlity in any sense, but as this still is a tremendous number i thought it just had to appear in my collection anyway. track number 8 is a great number from led zeppelins legendary fourth album, ‘black dog’, also sort of a classic number. a song, or rather a version of a song, that maybe not everybody will know, is the one of ‘louie louie‘ recorded by the troggs in 1966 on their very first album. compared to the more widely known version by the kingsmen recorded three years earlier, this is more than just a blast, it is a real rocker. since i first heard it i can hardly understand why it was their cover of ‘wild thing’ that made the troggs popular, as this number is so much hotter.
track number 13 is another favourite of mine, ‘scarborough fair‘ by simon and garfunkel (which alongside ‘mrs robinson’ also appears in ‘the graduate’). this song has been covered hundreds of times and there are many fantastic versions of it, but still the very original has a certain atmosphere to it that can neither be emulated nor improved; so perhaps just take this of a reminder how great tom & jerry already were despite all those marvelous cover versions. three tracks later i included another timeless classic one, ‘sunshine of your love’ by cream. this is almost the same as with scarborough fair, this song too has been covered so often and so great, but still every now and then one just has to listen to the original again.
track number 19 is a little gem for the deep purple fans among you or those interested in rarities. it is a version of the mk I song ‘the bird has flown’ recorded at the BBC, but by mk II – thus it is not rod evans but ian gillan who sings this bone-smasher. as his vocal style is much ‘wilder’ than that of his predecessor the song that was already rockin in its original version becomes a real heavy rocker here, certainly not to be missed. last but not least is a song by a group that was already featured on the previous two volumes, floating bridge. ‘watch your step’ is four-minute-plus heavy psych rocker that will certainly blow your ears, if not your brains out. no more words on that one now, just enjoy!

click here to get the previous volumes.


  1. I’d Love to Change the World ∙ Ten Years After ∙ 1971
  2. Although the Sun Is Shining ∙ Fleetwood Mac ∙ 1969
  3. Marie’s a Woman ∙ Five Day Rain ∙ 1969
  4. Layla ∙ Derek and the Dominos ∙ 1970
  5. Hey Joe ∙ Jimi Hendrix ∙ 1966
  6. Odyssey ∙ Kahvas Jute ∙ 1971
  7. Stoned Woman ∙ Ten Years Afters ∙ 1969
  8. Black Dog ∙ Led Zeppelin ∙ 1971
  9. Louie Louie ∙ The Troggs ∙ 1966
  10. Brother Can You Spare a Dime ∙ The Artwoods ∙ 1966
  11. Temptation Inside Your Heart ∙ The Velvet Underground ∙ 1968
  12. Dust Is in My Eyes ∙ The Five Day Week Straw People ∙ 1968
  13. Scarborough Fair ∙ Simon and Garfunkel ∙ 1966
  14. Whole Lot of People ∙ Rory Gallagher ∙ 1972
  15. Gallows Pole ∙ Led Zeppelin ∙ 1970
  16. Transparent Face ∙ Phantasia ∙ 1972
  17. Sunshine of Your Love ∙ Cream ∙ 1967
  18. Sugar the Road ∙ Ten Years After ∙ 1970
  19. Bird Has Flown (live) ∙ Deep Purple ∙ 1969
  20. Watch Your Step ∙ Floating Bridge ∙ 1969


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  1. avatar Anonymous said:

    congrats for 10.000 – thanx for the great stuff. But the pass doesn´t work for Volume 5


  2. avatar The Bomber said:

    Congratulations Sarah…
    you must be doing something right ah??? 10.000 !??! thats great.

    Well, keep it up.

    Hey joe
    black dog
    brother can you (reminds me the clockwork orange)
    sunshine of your
    gallows pole

    *my favourites on this one.

  3. avatar Anonymous said:

    hello sarah
    Can i firstly apologise to you as i am usually one of those that just takes the music and runs.i never really gave it a lot of thought but i now realise that if people never respond to your posts you will have no reason to continue.
    congratulations on the success of your is not difficult to see why your site is so successful.your attention to detail is commendable as is the content.without a doubt you are the best i have encountered.
    long may your blog continue.

  4. hello anonymous,
    its nice to read a comment like yours because it shows that some readers still appreciate the work i put in this blog. but even if you just grab the link and go you dont have to feel guilty. i too dont leave a comment for every single album that i download on other blogs, because i dont always know what to write, etc.
    i was very happy to read your kind words and i hope you will remain a reader of this blog!

    hey pablo,
    i guess you have 10,000 visitors a day at least, so my record must seem ridiculous to you!
    what does 'brother can you spare a dime' have to do with a clockwork orange? im curious about that now :-)

  5. avatar tombullweed said:

    Hello again sarah
    i was one of the anonymous postings above.i was very interested in your reason for the compilation you made in a previous your sister some rock music to listen to from the 60's & 70's.As i did say in my comment i have no complaints with any of the listed songs and artists.what set me thinking was who would i put any compilation if i was to compile would be pretty similar to yours with one or two additions.i would have to add at least a little jethro tull,thin lizzy & atomic rooster.i realise that music is down to the ear and taste of the listener,so this is in no way a criticism
    thanks again for all the great music

  6. avatar The Bomber said:

    No way!!!
    I started with psycodelia en mendoza blog, with 10-15 readers per day!back in 2003, Ouh I was young n stupid…now im old and well…more s- ajaja.
    Seriously, you ve done a great job, you know why? cause you put a lot of love in every post, amswering comments and passion with the lovely music you add…thats the reason.

    Hard to find a blogger like that nowadays…

    I was cold back in the days…
    And I cant believe that 2.000.000 visited the garage´n the bomber site…

    Well..i think 20 flight blog goes for much more than mine(s) !

    It remainds me the part were Alex listens: " Can you spare some cutter, me brother? "

    Thats the part!

  7. @ tombullweed
    thanks for your comment and interest, its nice to read some improvement suggestions. if i were to make this compilations again today (the one i made for my sister was the "these boots were made for rockin" one, the "rock sessions" are far older) id probably add some very different stuff, jethru tull for instance. but back when i did those cds i didnt have any tull albums yet, and my music collection was rather small, so what you find on the rock sessions cds is mainly what i had as mp3s back then. when i have posted all 15 volumes ill start a new series with new cool music!

    @ bomber
    thanks for commenting back, but you dont have to be so self-deprecating, your blogs ROCK and everyone knows that! this is because you have so many rarities in your records collection, stuff that i could only dream of. but this is because the collection my parents left to me doesnt contain anything valuable, just the standard records that everyone had and of course german pressings only; so i have to buy all my records myself.

    oooh yes, so thats it with 'brother can you spare a dime'…. i guess i did forget to mention – for those who dont already know it – that the artwoods were the group of ron woods (of the faces and now rolling stones) elder brother art woods (thus the name of the group), who died of cancer in 2006. they were also one of the first professional groups of jon lord who played the organ on their records. just search for their (one and only) LP 'art gallery' and you will be shocked by the prices originals cost nowadays!

  8. avatar Woodworker said:

    Thanks for 5 & 6, some old favorites, some new to me and some I just vaguely remember.

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