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Monday, 28 June 2010

The Beatles: Bravo Magazine Starschnitt Part 33 of 44

the backpage of this part again features the rolling stones, this time they receive the “BRAVO indian”, representing the “BRAVO Otto” award that they had won. this award was given to the band/artist the bravo-readers voted as their favourite (see the previous starschnitt part with the voting results on its backpage) every year.
again i am sorry that theres not a lot of new music here, but there still are two important exams to go and my free time is very scarce. on the 19th july i will return from the herzberg festival and provide you with reports, photos, etc (the main act will be jeff beck), and as ill be on vacation afterwards i will have more time to copy/scan/upload new stuff. and there will be some pretty cool stuff, i promise!

click here for the other parts posted so far.

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Friday, 25 June 2010

Farewell to Pete

 Peter Alexander Quaife

31st December 1943 – 23rd June 2010
what a day, that just this morning i was to read that pete quaife, former bassist and founding member of the kinks, died yesterday at the age of 66. i am a die-hard fan of the (pre- john dalton) kinks, and this makes me more than sad, in fact im in tears.
pete was the first original kinks member to quit the group (in 1969), but he played on all the groups famous hits from the 1960s, on all those wonderful songs from ‘you really got me’ to ‘the village green preservation society’ – the latter of which of course also is the title of the respective album, and it truely is a favourite of mine; and a favourite of petes also, as hes often quoted. this is because it was the only album by the group on which all members contributed to the songwriting, and not only ray davies, who before that had almost exclusively been resonsible for the creative processes.
in 1966 pete had an accident which forced him to take a break from the group – his substitute being his future successor, …

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Colin Blunstone: Wonderful / Beginning (1973)

a lot musicians birthdays today! after ive missed out some birthdays last week (paul mccartney (68) on the 18th june, rod argent (65) on the 14th june) – mainly because i dont have any records by them that i could post – it even hard to catch up today, as on the 24th june three 60s heroes were born: first, arthur brown and jeff beck, who were born on the same day in 1944, and of course colin blunstone of the zombies, who became 65 today.
now about this record: although the a-side is written by zombies songwriters rod argent and chris white, and the b-side penned by blunstone himself, both sides do not sound like zombies songs at all (but keep in mind theres nine years between this record an the zombies initial hit ‘shes not there’) – but it is blunstones distinctive, clear voice that is at once recognizable and will inevitably remind one of those fresh, bright 60s pop songs. both ‘wonderful’ and ‘beginning’ are slow light-weight pop ballads, the first going right into the synth sound typical for the early-mid 70s. the b-side is a better though, so all in all this record …

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In Memory of the Fifth Beatle

perhaps not a lot of you will know what day it is today… today stu sutcliffe, the beatles very first bass player, would have been 70 years old (thus hed be the oldest beatle, by the way). but as most of you will know, he died at the young age of only 21 of a brain hemorrhage, in 1962. a little unconventional for a rock stars death (no plain- or car crash), but theres nothing conventional in any sense in his short biography.

seventy years ago (oh dear that word makes it seem even longer ago) stu was born in edinburgh (a born scotsman!). he met john lennon at liverpool art college, both shared a deep and wild passion for rock’n’roll, and art – johns passion for art perhaps being not as serious and dedicated at the time, as he failed at school soon after, being remembered rather as a rebel than a great artist. stuart, however, was a very gifted artist and his talent was good enough to buy a bass guitar from the money he got from selling one of his pictures. he joined the beatles (later bassist mccartney was still …

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Beatles: Bravo Magazine Starschnitt Part 31 & 32 of 44

heres your weekly dose of good old 60s memorabilia, this time a double issue of the beatles starschnitt, showing a part of johns hair and of his eskimo coat.
the back page shows (part of) the results of a readers poll with the best bands at the time. the typical BRAVO reader seems to have been a beatles fan, as they win with 115476 votes, the stones following up with “only” 74088 votes – still a damn lot more than the group on rank three, the rainbows (10274 votes) – yes, they were the one-hit-wonders with ‘my baby balla balla’. strange to see them on the third rank considering one hardly remembers them today (be honest, even if you know that song would you have remembered who sang it?). more popular german groups like the lords (4719 votes) and the rattles (1537 votes) are left behind in the middle field of ranks (unfortunately the page with ranks 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 15, 19 and 20 is missing, would be very interesting to know what other groups appeared there). the most surprising fact about this poll is that “super-groups” like the kinks, the who and the animals …

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Monday, 14 June 2010

The Beatles: Bravo Magazine Starschnitt Part 30 of 44

TFR proudly presents: the next beatle face! heres a portrait of a momentous, pensive john lennon – just at a time when he had just written those awesome, witty poems i post from time to time. three out of four beatles completed, hows that?
back to hic et nunc: i think i am going to put the blog aside for a while, because i dont have any free time left right now. i have to work from 8am to 4pm and then attend university from 6pm to 9.15pm, now every day of the week. and as university is on saturdays from 8.30am to 3.45pm aswell, im afraid but i dont have any time left to rip or scan any records. i will keep on posting the starschnitt parts though, but it seems youll have to wait a little while for new music posts. i will try to make some smaller posts from time to time, but at the latest ill be back by the end of june with a brand new report from germanys biggest hippie festival since 1968 – the burg herzberg festival in hessen. which will also be the beginning of my summer holidays this …

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Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Beatles: Bravo Magazine Starschnitt Part 29 of 44

here it is, ringos eskimo sleeve! not very interesting perhaps, but another little piece bringing us closer to the complete giant beatles poster! now whats much more interesting about this issue is the back page, showing (part of) an interview with a very very young mick jagger, which today seems kind of unintendedly funny when one thinks of how it went on with him and the stones. as it is so nice to read, i translated it for you:

Mick Jagger tells of his life, of girls and cash

continuing from page 49

“Wanna bet that you spent more money last week than I did?” welcomes Mick Jagger our BRAVO-correspondent, who was to question the boss of the Rolling Stones about girls and cash. Luckily Mick, who sometimes is a little temperamental, was in a splendid mood. He began talking like a waterfall. “You see”, he went on, “I spent exactly six mark [i really dont know why they converted the currency into german DM when translating that interview, today you wouldnt do that i guess] for a pair of socks. Why should I squander my money? I just …

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 6

volume 6 of the rock sessions series again features a full load of psych, acid and garage rock just waiting for you. the first track is sort of a real evergreen if not a milestone – at least in the history of led zeppelin: one of my personal favourites aswell, the ‘immigrant song’ from the groups third lp still appears on numerous (hard) rock compilation and thus shall not be missing here. the next track is a driving psych-pearl by texan 60s heroes the 13th floor elevators, also highly recommended.
track number four is the obscurity-gem on this volume, a track recorded live in 1967 by a group called the maze – drummer and singer of whom were noone else but ian paice and rod evans, who would go on to form deep purple with blackmore, lord and simper the following year (jeeeeez, they were just my age then.. or in case of paicey even younger… hard to imagine!). most of you will be familiar with the version of ‘harlem shuffle’ that the rolling stones recorded in 1985, but originally this song was written and recorded by bob & earl in 1963, and it is their version …

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

VA: Rock Sessions Volume 5

hey folks, heres the surprise i promised to share with you as we celebrate our

10,000th visitor

today!! on this special occasion i have a double post with two volumes of my various artists compilation series for you. i hope you like it and please enjoy listening to this lovely collection of vintage songs.

on volume 5 of the rock sessions series there are a lot of classic songs most of you will be familiar with. take for instance the three songs of ten years after on this volume, a very favourite group of mine. the very first track i put here also is their biggest success or at least most popular number, ‘id love to change the world’, from their amazing ’71 album ‘a space in time’. musically not that outstanding, as it doesnt really feature the fantastic solos the group usually provides on their live tracks, but its a great rock song that fits mainstream taste and still gets stuck into your head. another well-known and also fantastic song on this cd is ‘although the sun is shining’ by fleetwood mac. although this is from their last …

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