Monday, 31 May 2010

The Equals: Softly, Softly / Lonely Rita (1968)

heres a little gem by a one-hit-wonder group mainly famous for their singular succes ‘baby come back‘ – the equals. funny enough the group were discovered by gene latter, the singer of the british/rhodesian pop group the shake spears – a group that you will be hearing a lot about when i start my series on them this summer.
the a-side, ‘softly, softly’ does sound much like the style of their aforementioned hit, a driving pop number that should not be missed, although it is not that outstanding that it could change your life.
now about the b-side, which the gem i was talking about. ‘lonely rita’ (has nothing to do with the beatles ‘lovely rita’, although it is sometimes missspelled that way), is a late-60s psych-pop monster with a haunting chorus that will dig itself deeply into your ears. marvelous!!! as for me, i had known only one of their albums before (‘unequalled’ from 1967, which contains ‘baby come back’), which didnt appeal much to me, so i was more than just surprised when i first heard unexpected, awesome number – lonely rita come inside, have a cup of tea and sit by my side… enjoy!

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  1. avatar rabbit-fighter said:

    Thanks for sharing this one! I haven't heard it before. I only stumbled on to The Equals after I bumped into Mystic Sister over at the growing bin. I can't imagine these albums are very similar but I can't say no to Eddie Grant!

  2. avatar rabbit-fighter said:

    I just read my last comment. Apparently I love cliches or I'm very clumsy (or both).

  3. hi rabbit-fighter!
    i dont really get what is supposed to be wrong about your previous comment (or was there another one that you deleted?)… the 'mystic syster' album is from the late 70s as i now found out, so maybe not of interest for me…. and certainly a lot different from this equals record! just tell me if you like it after youve listened to it (especially lonely rita!)


  4. avatar The Bomber said:

    Really good, but not that "marvelous" to me !

    Congrats Germany…
    a true m-a-c-h-i-n-e !

  5. avatar Manfred said:

    I also loved that song Lonely Rita from the first Moment. I can’t find the whole lyrics. Anyone an idea where to get it?

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