Sunday, 9 May 2010

John Walker: If I Promise / I See Love In You (1967)

after posting john walkers debut lp, heres one of his early 45s, still from walker brothers times. the a-side, ‘if i promise (to be a good boy)’, is a cheery little pop numer typical for the mid-60s, and definitely the better side of this single. the flipside, ‘i see love in you’, is more or less a typical walker brothers song and thus quite trashy and simply tooooo sweet with all the string arrangements (doesnt fit the electric guitar in the background – not a bit), and so on…
welly well, the problem is the same as with the last 45 i posted, i cant decide between giving three or four stars. but as the b-side of this record is really not my cup of tea, and the a-side is nice but not outstanding, i think three should be fine. if you think not, than id be gratefull for some critical feedback!

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  1. avatar rabbit-fighter said:

    I really liked this 45. I agree; "If I Promise" is nice. As for the guitar & string mix on "I See Love In You"— it seems like the guitar finally fades to the right volume near the bridge (near 1:45). The distorted does sound a little obtuse; but then again, so is the title of the song. All in all I liked this one more than I expected to.

    Thanks for your all excellent posts!

  2. avatar rabbit-fighter said:

    Err, I meant to say that the distorted guitar (as odd as it sounds) is right at home in a song with such a title.

  3. thanks a lot for this dedicated and detailed review, you analyzed the song a lot deeper than i did.
    and im glad you like it of course. as i wrote in the post, the b-side is not my cup of tea because it is too much like the walker brothers stuff they did together as a group. interestingly i like their individual solo stuff (especially gary) a lot more than the real walker brothers music.
    but concerning the a-side, which indeed is really nice, this is some fine piece of pop that mr. maus recorded for us.

    its nice to have you as a frequent reader and hope to welcome you again soon!


  4. avatar Anonymous said:

    Thanks a lot for this great 45er!!
    For a long time i'm looking for
    I'll Be Your Baby Tonight and Open The Door homer.
    Great blog!!!

  5. hi piet!
    sorry but i dont have that 45, but ill be looking out for it – says my collectors heart!
    see you again soon,

  6. avatar wilthomer said:

    Poor John. Gary got to have the mind blowing Gary Walker & the Rain, Scott, well that goes without saying and then there's John, the "coconut Lifesaver" of the Walker Brothers…….

    I blogged about The Walker's "Solo Jon/Solo Scott" EP awhile back.

  7. avatar Anonymous said:

    Thanks for posting this. Incidentally, I believe Jeff Beck plays on one of these songs. Not sure which one.

  8. i dont know this exactly either… but it is no surprise at all, as i think it is hard to find any song of the time that HASNT jeff beck on it! :-)

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