Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sir Henry & His Butlers: Camp / Pretty Style (1967)

sir henry and his butlers were a danish pop group who were active from the mid- to late sixties. their most remembered song perhaps is their debut single ‘lets go’, but if you search for records to buy, this is what you get mostly: ‘camp’ / ‘pretty style’.
the a-side is a slow, silly, and perhaps (after a while) annoying instrumental, sounding like a sort of circus music; but if youre in the mood for silly things it is nice and woth a laugh. ‘pretty style’ also is slow, but its more psychedelic, with some sitar accompaniment, monk-chant like backing vocals, sloping stoned instrumentation that in the second half of the song bursts out into a distorted, psychy wall of sound.

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  1. avatar The Bomber said:

    Bring it on!!
    after a short trip in Chile im back.

    The guys had great stuff, but i dont like when they got "covering" Dylan…
    mmm… nope.

    Great share dear!


  2. hey pablo, nice to see you here!
    what you been doin in chile? i guess youve been to a tournament again, right?
    yep, sir henry &co; had their good times and their bad times… as always i prefer the earlier recordings.


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