Friday, 23 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: C’mon Everybody / Don’t Ever Let Me Go (1958)

as a little addition to my eddie cochran tribute on the anniversary of his passing last saturday, here are two 45s by the great rock&roll; idol.
this first one, ‘cmon everybody’ was eddies third hit single, the follow up to summertime blues, and was to be one of his most succesful and to this day best remembered songs. the single peaked at #35, still far higher than the following releases (#99 and #58).
i guess i dont have to say much about the a-side as it is so very popular and widely known. the b-side is a slow typical 50s style love song, not too bad but of course cmon everybody is the very highlight here.

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  1. Eddie Cochran: C'mon Everybody / Don't Ever Let Me Go (London 45-HL-U 8792) (1958)
    password is twenty-flight-rock

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  2. avatar rabbit-fighter said:

    Thanks for posting this! I'm not familiar with the b-side; I can't wait to check it out.

  3. youre welcome, rabbit-fighter, im sure you will enjoy it!
    reading your nickname, theres a terribly weird cochran-song (or rather cochran-related) that i found on a compilation titled 'the many sides of eddie cochran'. have a listen to this freak-out here:

  4. One of his greatest song.Recently found a blog posting only Eddie recordings" Cochran's corner",you will certainly visit with pleasure.

  5. hello jeanbernard!
    thanks for your visit, pleasing as always. i checked out, thanks for the hint! ill add it to the above post for the other readers.

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