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VA: Blues & Boogie

heres the boogie/blues compilation that pablo had asked me for a while ago. i originally put it together last year so i just had to upload it.
this is certainly more blues than boogie, but im sure a lot of you will dig it nevertheless, and if youre a fan of either blues, bluesrock, rhythm n blues or all together, you will certainly love this. the figure on the cover, by the way, is taken from an old concert poster of the pop & blues festival in essen, germany, in 1969, to which my dad went back then and brought the poster with him.
there are some really fine goodies on this comp (sorry but the sound quality differs from track to track, as its a mixture of analog and digital sources), among them old blues classics from legends like john lee hooker, who is featured here with 1973 recordings of dimples and boom boom, the latter of which virtually everyone (blues fan or not) know thanks to the cult movie the blues brothers; or sonny boy williamson with a ’66 recording of his famous bring it on home (to which led zeppelin paid a great tribute on their second album), and arthur crudups mean ole frisco, just to mention some standards of blues giants that should not be missing on any blues comp. of course there are many more blues giants that are not featured here, like little walter, jimmy reed, etc, but that would certainly go beyond the scope of this project. and who knows, maybe there are more volumes to follow.
the first real boogie number is la breakdown by allstars & jimmy page, who plays a short little solo in this hip shaking piano rhythm & blues instrumental – fantastic track, one of my very favourites. up-town by alexis korner (before he went from blues to christian music), too, is an instrumental and a lively, piano-driven rhythm n blues number with some fine train-like blues harp playing. the very next, jump back by zoot moneys big roll band, is from the same vein but with vocals, and its such a funny and groovy track that it does get you singing along instantly if not dacing around.
a surprise track somehow is pretty girl by l.a. garage rockers the seeds, from their ’67 lp a spoon full of seedy blues, quire a good effort for a group that is usually situated in a completely different genre. their singer sky saxon died last year on the same day as michael jackson, but of course didnt recieve just a quantum of the attention the so-called king of pop did, very sad. another very favourite track of mine is the cover of i cant keep from crying sometimes by the blues project with al kooper, who is credited as responsible for this number, which ten years after covered a year later (leo lyons said last year “this number was written by a guy named al kooper, but he never recieved any money for it”), but in fact the song is based on ‘lord, i just cant keep from crying’ written by blind willie johnson as early as 1929 (wow, that was already 37 years in the past back then, but ‘then’ is 44 years in the past now!), with more than highly visisble parallels.
the first track on the second disk is a cover of the 1960 bo diddley standard roadrunner by british hard blues rockers stackwaddy, a fine number doing the original more than just justice. the next track is recording by paul butterfield an his blues band of the toussaint hit get out of my life woman (first released by lee dorsey the same year), also a quite good effort just like youd expect it from a name like that of butterfield.
the oldest track on this comp is ruth browns daddy daddy from 1952, showcasing the queen of r&b; at her best and a great, swinging rhythm boogie number. another cover of a fairly old song is ten years afters at the woodchoppers ball, a modern blues rendition of the instrumental with the same name recorded by woody herman in 1939. i had to cut out a passage from the middle of the song (unfortunately leos fantastic bass solo, but it was the only piece that i could cut out so that no manipulation would be noticed afterwards), because it was the longest track on this disk, abd otherwise all the songs would not have fitted on a normal cd.
oh dear, seems like this comp only consists of covers… the next one worth mentioning is juicy lucys version of bo diddleys who do you love, that gained some reputation in the hard blues genre meanwhile and remain the groups biggest success. juicy lucy were a british hard rock / blues rock group like stackwaddy and killing floor and all three of them are highly recommended, representing the tougher side of the late 60s blues revival. the next track nevertheless is a self composed song by the brunning / hall sunflower blues band (bob brunning was the bassist of fleetwood mac, and peter green also appeared on some of the sunflower blues bands albums, but not on this one), a beautiful, laid back slow blues with a haunting acoustic guitar theme, perfectly going together with the r&b; piano accompaniment. a great favourite of mine, gets stuck into your head immediate and wont get out there for at least a week!
last but not least, another big big favourite of mine, a late 60s electric blues number by immortal blues legend muddy waters. this is far off from mr morganfields more famous, earlier efforts, but still a brainblasting piece of great bluesrock. blues harp and electric melt into a wrenching, edgy theme driven forward by the fast and catchy rhythms provided by bass and drums and muddys distinctive, unmistakable, rough bluesy vocals. this masterpiece of a re-recorded it is gonna tear your ears off, i promise.
please let me know if you liked this comp and if you want more of this, or perhaps some other genre of which i havent posted a comp yet. any feeback is appreciated!


disc 1

  1. Crawling Up a Hill ∙ John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers ∙ 1966
  2. L.A. Breakdown ∙ The All Stars Featuring Jimmy Page ∙ 1971
  3. Mississippi Mud ∙ AUM ∙ 1969
  4. Back Door Man ∙ The Blues Project ∙ 1966
  5. Shake It ∙ The Groundhogs ∙ 1966
  6. Dimples ∙ John Lee Hooker ∙ 1973
  7. The Joker Is Wild ∙ Alex Harvey ∙ 1972
  8. Born Under a Bad Sign ∙ The Dirty Blues Band ∙ 1967
  9. Up-Town ∙ Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated ∙ 1962
  10. Jump Back ∙ Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band ∙ 1965
  11. Boom Boom ∙ John Lee Hooker ∙ 1973
  12. Pretty Girl ∙ The Seeds ∙ 1967
  13. I Can’t Keep from Crying Sometimes ∙ The Blues Project ∙ 1966
  14. Losing the Dogs ∙ Ten Years After ∙ 1967
  15. Snowy Wood ∙ John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers ∙ 1967
  16. Try to Understand ∙ Killing Floor ∙ 1969
  17. Water on My Fire ∙ Albert Lee ∙ 1968
  18. Down South Blues ∙ The Bintangs ∙ 1969
  19. Please Tell Me Baby ∙ Black Cat Bones ∙ 1969
  20. Statesboro Blues ∙ Taj Mahal ∙ 1968
  21. Outside Woman Blues ∙ Cream ∙ 1967

disc 2

  1. Roadrunner ∙ Stackwaddy ∙ 1971
  2. Get out of My Life Woman ∙ The Butterfield Blues Band ∙ 1966
  3. Daddy Daddy ∙ Ruth Brown ∙ 1952
  4. Terraplane Blues ∙ Canned Heat ∙ 1968
  5. Rockin’ Daddy ∙ Howlin’ Wolf ∙ 1971
  6. Woodchopper’s Ball ∙ Ten Years After ∙ 1967
  7. Who Do You Love ∙ Juicy Lucy ∙ 1969
  8. Call Me ∙ The Brunnin / Hall Sunflower Blues Band ∙ 1970
  9. Ice Pick ∙ Albert Collins ∙ 1978
  10. Nitty Gritty ∙ Koko Taylor ∙ 1969
  11. Ridin’ on the L&N; ∙ John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers ∙ 1967
  12. L.S.D. (Got a Million Dollars) ∙ Cuby & the Blizzards ∙ 1966
  13. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ ∙ Muddy Waters ∙ 1969
  14. Bring It on Home ∙ Sonny Boy Williamson ∙ 1966
  15. Hound Dog ∙ The Dirty Blues Band ∙ 1967
  16. Bring It to Jerome ∙ Stackwaddy ∙ 1971
  17. Smokestack Lightning ∙ Howlin’ Wolf ∙ 1968
  18. Chris’ Number ∙ The Yardbirds ∙ 1966
  19. Good Morning Little School Girl ∙ The Paul Butterfield Blues Band ∙ 1964
  20. Mean Ole Frisco ∙ Arthur Crudup ∙ 1962
  21. Bottom of the Sea ∙ Muddy Waters ∙ 1969


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  1. avatar The Bomber said:

    Ouh great poster your dad treasures!
    well, thanks dear for answering my musical prayers ;)
    Great songs, amazing covers as well.
    I do prefer the bluesy part, I do like the boogie stuff, but my roots are so so so blue, but I must say that most of them are from the early surf too.

    Cheers and thanks, my friend will enjoy this one, me too!

  2. im so glad you like it, pablo…
    i now also added the original poster as you can see (retouched photo).

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