Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dust: Stone Woman / Loose Goose (1971)

now this one usually should be really off my taste, but surprisingly this fantastic 45 by us hardrockers dust is one of my very favourites (their other work is good aswell, but these two tracks are the over-all highlight). maybe the most notable fact about this (to a certain extend) fairly obscure group is that their drummer was teenage (15 year old) marc bell, who later became the drummer of the punk-of-the-first-hour group the ramones and named himself marky ramone, and is featured on this recording aswell.
im sorry the vinyl is a little damaged, which is mainly to be noticed during the innocent whistling at the beginning of stone woman. but as the song instantly bursts out into a matchless rock inferno with some great drum beats and a fine guitar theme, it can fairly be heard then. stone woman is a powerful early 70s rock number that you should definitely not miss!
the b-side is even more frantic and somehow tongue-in-cheek. a speeeeeedy instrumental with fast drums and fantastic fast guitar work, very looooose! if that doesnt get you moving and flipping around, then you must be sedated somehow…
honestly, i don know which side i like better – i could say even if that decision was about life and death… theyre both so brilliant, this stuff is highly recommended!!!

interesting links:
marc bell / ramone official website
dust on rateyourmusic
dust on

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  1. avatar Anonymous said:

    Thank you x ga-jillion!

  2. avatar Anonymous said:

    Oh, this is a good one! Thanka, thanka, thanka!

    There are elements of these songs (maybe the slide guitar and the vocals) that remind me of the flamin' groovies. Thanks for sharing this and bravo on the cover!

  3. Yes the first guitar notes make me think at Slow Death from the Flamin Groovies.And I'm not sure but don't Flamin Groovies recorded 2 albums on the same label ?.
    But sure a great single.
    Thanks for this post.

  4. @ jeanbernard: i LOOOOOOOVE the flamin groovies!!! what an interesting comparison that i didnt think of when writing the post… as i am rather a fan of the early groovies (up to 1971) i am not familiar with slow death, but now that you two said it i realize that even the older groovies stuff is very reminiscent of this record here.
    the two FG LPs on the kama sutra label were flamingo and teenage head (which i looked up) so youre right.
    i will sure look out for some FG records to acquire and post here in the future!

    thanks for commenting!

  5. avatar The Bomber said:

    wuaaa this is new for me!!!
    lets take a listen!

  6. this is a fabulous b.omb, pablo, im sure youll love it!
    let me know if it kicked your brain…

  7. avatar Anonymous said:

    the password is bad?

  8. i just downloaded the file again and could extract it ok using the password "twenty-flight-rock".
    just make sure you got the complete file (22.6 mb) and it should work, otherwise download it again.

  9. avatar Anonymous said:

    gracias compadrito

  10. avatar Anonymous said:

    Thank, very kind of you to share this rarity.
    If DUST is as awesome as I keep reading about lately, maybe I will seek out the cd's!

    By the way, anytime anyone has trouble extracting files with winrar / winszip, TRY typing out the password.
    I have learned that sometimes when you copy & paste a password, it may not always work.

    Cheers. Salut. and all that jazz.

  11. thanks for leaving some feedback, im glad you enjoy the record.
    go and try out the cds, you wont regret it! although i must admit that these two here are already my favourite tracks :-)


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