Sunday, 28 February 2010

Brainbox: Down Man / Summertime / Dark Rose (1969)

in addition to the epic album posted here before, heres a three-track-ep by dutch brain-busters brainbox (dont be confused by the “maxi single” writing on the cover, this is a 7″ ep). the most important track here, as it is the only non-lp track, is down man, the opening number. it is slow, it is intense and its just haunting, sure one of their best songs ever. the guitar work in this track is just how id define psychedelic – unworldly, surreal and seemingly levitiating it flows into your mind like a gentle, uplifting (acoustic) trip. the singers high and desperately screaming vocals add some emotional effect to this amazing composition.
i see i am drifting away in high praises, but please do listen to it and enjoy it yourself. i wont discuss the other two tracks, because as the vinyl showed some weird behavior while playing those (because the whole in the middle of the record wasnt punched corretly it would lurch around on the turntable producing an awful yowling sound – i just wonder why the first track played without any problem). for this reason i took the other two tracks from the rip of the lp, so you get them flawless.
please enjoy the reworked cover art aswell. this time the biggest challenge was to “remove” the 1969-sticker which is glued firmly to the original paper sleeve, but it worked fine aswell as reconstructing the guys hair on the right.
nevertheless, dig this one! a maaaan, a roooooom, a man all alone in a room hes down and out…

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  1. avatar Anonymous said:

    Thanks for this one! That cover was pretty beat up. I'm not sure how you dealt with the "1969" sticker right over that guy's hair line…

  2. hi! welly well, that was tricky… what i actually did (and you will notice it if you look at it closely) was that i copied a part of hair falling onto the right shoulder of the guy on the very left and used it as a fringe for the guy on the right… i just hope i didnt give him a too short haircut!
    and thanks for visiting & commenting!

  3. avatar Anonymous said:

    I have this mental image of you giving hair cuts to psychedelic rockers from the past. As if they traveled time to the present for a touch up; very funny.

    Anyway I think the guy on the right would be cool with your handy work!

  4. @ anonymous: great idea! i never had such thoughts though, but i truely have the opinion that past rockers hair cuts (or rather just "hair", as it often wasnt cut at all!) are a sadly and long lost embodiement of a certain sense of aesthetics that i miss a lot today.
    well, maybe not the guys on this cover. but i think what i tried to say is obvious in my intention to create the "famous faces" sidebar.

  5. avatar Anonymous said:

    "Down man" is one of the best Brainbox songs, along with "Summertime" and "Dark Rose" imho. It can also be found on an extremely rare LP compilation named "Bringing Brainbox into Focus", seemingly only issued in Australasia on Parlophone around 1970. This rare vinyl contains other rarities from Brainbox, including a 3 mn cut from their epic Sea of Delight. Dutch Prog at its best, although they spent too much time playing classic blues of no real interest (like "Sinner's Prayer", for example)

  6. @ anonymous: thanks for leaving a second opinion here – though we do seem to have the same three favourite songs!
    i MUST go and hunt for that album, sounds pretty exciting to me.
    hope to read from you again soon when i have time to rip some new stuff!

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