Sunday, 14 February 2010

Q65: I Despise You / Ann (1966)

this is the third release of my beloved dutch garage rockers, but it is also one of their weakest ones, i must admit. especially the a-side is very primitive (in a boring sense), repetitive and the instrumental parts have a wall-of-sound character. the whole song doesnt offer many surprises, but nevertheless shows the groups humble beginning very well.
the b-side, ann, however is quite far off the usual q65-style. a soft and slow love ballad with some moody harp playing. not really “garagy”, but nice – 60s pop, so to speak. all in all this 45 has more historical than musical value, but perhaps you like it better than i – so check it out!

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  1. avatar Anonymous said:

    Wow, the original artwork was really bad. I see what your talking about with the record imprint across the faces. But it's hardly noticeable. My eyes focused on the massive yellow on purple Q (which looks crisp and vectored). I only looked for the defect because you pointed it out.

    Nice work and thanks!

  2. avatar Anonymous said:

    Ann…..that takes me back to the sixties. Very slow dancing with my first girlfriend on a very dark dancefloor…..

    This b-side was a big hit on the dancefloor in those days….

    Piet van Rosmalen

  3. hi piet,
    im glad to know that this evokes such sweet memories in you. this makes posting such goodies much more fun!
    at the time i got no more q65 records left, but there will be some other dutch stuff soon: be prepared for golden earring, after tea and the motions!

    thanks a lot for your comment and hoping to see you again here,

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