Sunday, 7 February 2010

Les Variations: What’s Happening… / Magda (1969)

french week at twenty-flight-rock! the first delight of excellent french quisine i want you to enjoy here is an early 45 by french rockers les variations, of whom i already posted two other singles:
What A Mess Again / Nador (1970) and
Only You Know And I Know / I Was Down (1972).
now, whats happening is a fresh and thriving number from their debut album, which has the same title as this records b-side, and it is one of my favourite songs of theirs. but as this is an early recording we have to live with the singers still very thick accent here, although it doesnt ruin the whole song altogether.
magda, the flipside, is a surprisingly good hard rock instrumental that at least i would usually not expect from these guys. mainly this is because it is rather blues orientated, which the variations in general werent. it reminds me of late john mayall or cream a little, or other groups from the late 60s electric blues revival. the guitarist definitely is trying to sound like eric clapton here, so perhaps this is a hard rock cream-spoof. nevertheless this is one of les variations finest releases, so please enjoy it!

interesting links:
a charming little fansite (in french only, but with lots of pics)
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