Sunday, 7 February 2010

Les Variations: Silver Girl / Walk Right Down (1973)

the last variations-record for this time. again, i really dont like the a-side, i must admit. it is mainstream, teethless 70s rock already touching glam rock, which was exactly where the group would end up later. the singers rough vocals seem a bit out of place here, perhaps brian conolly or noddy holder would have fitted better here.
the b-side walk right down is better than its flipside, although it too fits into the same category. i am quite sure the reason that its not as bad as the a-side is that we have another singer here, whos voice is more compatible with clean and neat 70s rock.
to me, this is almost the end of les variations, except for the albums moroccan roll and cafe de paris that still were to come, and that are surprisingly better than this 45. you can get them on choo choo mama.

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