Sunday, 7 February 2010

Les Variations: Je Suis Juste Un Rock N’ Roller / The Jam Factory (1973)

another single by french hard rockers les variations, this time a later release. this 45 shows how they were more and more turning to tame, clean mainstream rock, while on their albums experimenting with oriental and african tunes. the a-side, one of the few tracks the group really sang in french, sounds like a typical early 70s song, a little reminiscent of free, but over all not very exciting. the jam factory, however, is a bit tighter and i like it better than the a-side, but as it is very repetitive it can get annoying somehow, but on the other hand one might like just exactly that. over all this 45 doesnt get a very high rating from me, but just try it out yourself.

interesting links:
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