Sunday, 17 January 2010

Rob Hoeke’s R&B Group: Try To Realize / It Won’t Be Long (1968)

heres something very special for you: the greatest r&b; pianist of holland and beyond, rob hoeke and his r&b; group. theyre truely one of my favourite dutch acts and their sound is like they just had invented the boogie woogie. maybe their most famous, and i must admit also one of their very best songs is margio, a 66 a-side, of which i will trying to get hold someday, but until now i only got of their 45s, and heres the first of them.
i had some problems ripping the a-side, at least it sounds very weird, but i made sure that there was nothing wrong with my turntable so perhaps it was recorded that way. try to realize is a psychy pop number, rather untypical for the usual hoeke style. well, its not outstanding but ok, so it gets 3 out of 5 stars from me.
the b-side sounds a little scratchy im afraid, but at least we got some genuine rhythm & blues here. it wont be long in fact is a cooled-down slow blues based on hoekes groovy piano playing, well worth hearing. as i see it this one rather should have been the a-side, and it raised my overall rating for this 45 up to 4 stars.
soon theres more to come by this fantastic artist, who sadly died some years ago, you can read more in the links below.

interesting links:
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