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Friday, 17 December 2010

Save As Milk… But Not Save Enough

 Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet)

15th January 1941 – 17th December 2010
what a sad start into the day, reading that one of my very favourite musicians has passed away. after his amazing output with the magic band, his later work with frank zappa, and even and often overlooked career as a painter (click here), he was stuck to a wheelchair for the last twenty years of his life. how tragic… and it brings me to tears, that he died this friday of complications of multiple sclerosis.
we lost one of the big ones here.

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

VA: Acid Rocks

yes, today is the day, the day that, one year ago, the twenty flight rock blog was started!
the year went fast, and it still amazes me when i look at this site and see that we already have 167 posts full of music, music history and musicians in history and memorabilia from the good old days.
especially the series with the BRAVO beatles starschnitt was greatly appreciated. i recieved a lot of nice and heart warming feedback for it, and that makes me very happy.
of course there has also been trouble, pictures being deleted and DMCA complaints about posts. i mostly had not much time for working on this blog, especially these days. but im sure the new year will be more relaxed and we can again share plenty of old memories, records and favourite pieces of music here.

as a special TFR-birthday present for you, here is a 221-song compilation of my favourite music. i put this together about a year ago as a cd to listen to while driving in my car. with over 200 tracks on it, it doesnt get boring too soon! but also, …

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Arf, Arf, He Goes, a Merry Sight

 i assume that most of you know what happened today – exactly thirty years ago. after celebrating john lennons 70th birthday in october, this year we also have to take into account that he is already gone for three decades now.
i will not say much about him and his death now – if youre interested in the historical details, visit wikipedia. if you want to read some pathetic obituary, visit some other site. lets just let the artist speak for himself, with one of his poems that i count among my very favourites. of course it is a sad poem, because december 8th is a sad day, about a dog who was decided to cease his happy and humble existence. it feels awkward to think about the bitter irony in this – the irony about who really was the dog, being put to sleep some 16 years later…

John Lennon: Good Dog Nigel
(In His Own Write, 1964)

Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sight,
Our little hairy friend,
Arf, Arf, upon the lampost bright
Arfing round the bend.
Nice dog! Goo boy,
Waggie …

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mighty Morris Ten!

look at that cool guy in his cool chequered pants… its his 65th birthday today!!! did you recognize him? yep, it is roger glover, bassist of deep purple (first in mk II and also in the current line-up), and early band mate of ian gillan. they had been in the pop/rock/mod band episode six, of which glover was a founding member and for which he wrote several songs (among them: thats all i want, mighty morris ten, sunshine girl (on this one he is also singing!!), when i fall in love, wide smiles, mr universe). at one point he told his friend ian gillan, who first was very reluctant in songwriting, that he would not talk to him again until he had written a song. well, it seems like it worked – but nevertheless glovers creative input has proved to be essential for deep purples success in rock history.

however, roger glover is not the only one celebrating today. it is also the 66th birthday of ten years after bassist leo lyons, woodstock hero and on the road for almost fifty years. happy birthday!
catching up with other events, on saturday it was the …

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I Need a Break…

first of all i am very sorry to tell you, but as you perhaps already noticed i need to retire from bloggin for a while. the reason is that i have to work on many big projects at a time in my studies and my job now. the most important of those projects is the one, which will ensure that i can finish my apprenticeship successfully. apart from that there are several exams waiting for me in january and february, so i have to learn and study a lot.
i will keep on posting on birthdays etc, and there will be a special gift for you on the 8th december (which is not only the 30th anniversary of john lennons passing, but also the day this blog was started last year). but there wont be new vinyl rips for some time, because i simply dont have the time for ripping, uploading and writing about them. god bless all the “old” hippies who are pensioneers now and have all the time for these things!!

as you might have noticed there have been some changes on this site recently. perhaps most important: the jukebox has its …

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

65 Years – a ‘Good Old Boy’!

as a tribute to one of my favourite rock bands, lets celebrate the 65th birthday of nick simper – who most of you most likely wont know. he was a founding member of deep purple and their bass player until being replaced by roger glover in summer 1969. but even before that he wasnt unknown in englands music scene of the 1960s. after playing in several rock & roll bands in the early 60s he joined johnny kidd and the pirates in 1966, just shortly before kidd died in a car crash on 7th october. nick himself had been in the car when the accident occured, but survived injured. he kept playing with the pirates until 1967, when he joined the flower pot men and their garden, where he met jon lord with whom he joined deep purple in early 1968.
after recording three albums with the group he was thrown out alongside singer rod evans in mid 1969. in 1970 he teamed up with screaming lord sutchs “heavy friends” (among others those were: ritchie blackmore, noel redding, matthew fisher, carlo little and keith moon) for an all-star show that was recorded live and released two years …

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Monday, 25 October 2010

The Moody Blues: The Magnificent Moodies (1965)

alright folks, all the pictures have been uploaded successfully, so here we go with the next record. i bought this record as a primary issue (first pressing), but as it turned out it is a re-pressing (wine red decca label, thus must be post 1970). however, this at least provides us a perfect crystal clear sound quality on this beautiful mono LP.
i dont think i have to introduce the group a lot, as virtually EVERYONE knows nights in white satin – but here we have the moodys debut record, still recorded with their first singer denny laine (later replaced by justin hayward, who sang their famous no 1 hit). so you can expect typical british invasion, mid-60s pop beat stuff, with some nice r&b; influences.
i must admit that i like the a-side much better than the b-side, although it contains mostly cover songs while the b-side has all the original denny laine / mike pinder songs on it.
however, on the a-side we have beautiful, grooving renditions of james browns ill go crazy and i dont mind (with mike pinder on vocals), chris kenners something you got and of course the moodys break-trough …

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Happy Birthday goes down to Middle-Earth!

now be honest – would you have recognized him on this photo? well ok, add a moustache and think of woodstock!
now thats 41 years ago, an today ric lee, the drummer of ten years after celebrates his 65th birthday.
once often overshadowed by the popularity of their former guitarist alvin lee, the other three members still show their fantastic technical skills in tremendous live performances around the globe, supported by the young and energetic joe gooch who joined in 2003.
especially their marvelous solos still rock – making early fans remember great times, and also acquiring a lot of new fans from a generation that hasnt experienced woodstock and the 60s, but is discovering their music as something totally new – just as overwhelming as in the good ol days.
now talking about solos and of course about ric lee (to those who might think that his family name is related to alvin lee – no, thats not true. in fact its sort of the other way around: “lee” is rics real last name, and alvins birth name is graham barnes), one spectacular event that is never missing in any TYA show of …

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Beatles: Bravo Magazine Starschnitt COMPLETE

 to comply prolonged requests for the beatles starschnitt with all parts together in one post, here it is:
parts 1 to 44 of the
BRAVO beatles starschnitt
from 1965-66
i hope you will enjoy this if youre new to this site, or if you missed some of the previous volumes, or simply are too lazy to click on the beatles starschnitt-label.
i am currently still busy uploading all the images to the new server, but one of these days it will be finished and you can enjoy some new music posts.
however, please enjoy the lovely starschnitt poster with the fab four!

click here to see the individual posts for every single part with comments about the back-pages etc.

link & password in comments

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cliff Richard’s 70!

what did i tell you yesterday… many many birthdays – now its cliff richards (born harry rodger webb by the way) turn, as he turned 70 today. but this is just a funny coincidence, i dont think he and chris farlowe will have a party together.
and now to celebrate the birthday of one of the first great british rock & rollers of the 60s, heres a real classic with the shadows:

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

All Or Nothing – Chris Farlowe is 70 today!

another birthday today – what a busy month! today is the 70th birthday of chris the voice farlowe, a great artist and fantastic singer that i could witness live already (2009 at the herzberg hippie convention). he gave such a stunning performance that one just has to wonder how he managed to keep his voice sounding exactly like it did over fourty years ago. despite that his outward appearance has changed a little, he hasnt aged a bit.
unfortunately i couldnt find any videos of the performance that i saw, but heres a video from the same year and with the same band that he appeared with at the herzberg festival: clem clempson & the hamburg blues band:

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Everybody Needs Somebody

 Solomon Burke

21st March 1940 – 10th October 2010
here we lost a great one again…

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Large John Saliver…

everyone knows this guy, even people who perhaps havent heard of the beatles (how impossible that may ever seem) may have heard of john lennon. its his 70th birthday today (or would be, as everyone very well knows as well hes no longer with us), the birthday of a musician, a beatle of course, but also a rebel, a philosopher, artist, avantgardist, revolutionist, demolitionist, political critic, social critic, critic of everything, self-denier, egocentric, poet, writer, sound creator, song inventor, mad-mind and genius… just ask yourself: what can you think of that he wasnt?
he never really was the neat pop crooner that he appeared like when beatlemania began and the hearts of millions of little girls sighed for him. perhaps he never even really was a beatle, when his teenage hunger for rock n roll and freedom of mind, that first had driven him to music, once again pushed him forward to pursue – more. not only self-realization in a different kind than the beatles provided him, but turning his inside longing for peace within his mind to the outside, and together with his soulmate and second half protesting against war – in a non-violent way that …

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Friday, 8 October 2010


 sorry folks, but as you can see all the images on this blog have suddenly disappeared. this is because the service where i uploaded them decided just to delete my account.
as it would be useless posting new records without any picture of them, i first have to find a new free imagehosting service with FTP-access that provides enough webspace (currently all my cover scans sum up to about 370 mb in total).
any suggestions are appreciated!!

not leaving you without a special teaser: the next record im going to post is magnificent.

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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Starry, Starry Night… Happy Birthday, Don McLean!

many kids today think it was madonna who wrote ‘american pie’ – a real shame concerning the amazing original by don mclean, who celebrates his 65th birthday today.
new rochelle, new york folk singer-songwriter mclean wrote his most famous song in 1971, singing about the plane crash that killed buddy holly, big bopper and ritchie valens, and it became an immortal evergreen in music history.
his other big success was his 1972 ballad about the dutch painter vincent van gogh (1853-1890), simply titled ‘vincent’, but mainly remembered by the first line: “starry, starry night…”. the song isnt only deeply poetic, sophisitcated and wonderfully clearly sung, its sheer beauty still gives me goosebumps everytime i listen to it. it is one of the twenty songs that id take with me on a deserted island, it really means a lot to me. best listened to in a dark room only lit by candles – but its also great without special ambience.
for those who dont know this song yet, and those who love it as much as i do and want another listen, heres don mclean singing it live in 1972 for ‘sounds for saturday’:

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