Sunday, 20 December 2009

Les Variations: What A Mess Again / Nador (1970)

les variations were an late 60s – early 70s french hard rock group, maybe even “the” french hard rock group as there werent many at the time. they sound somewhat like a mixture of grand funk railroad, mott the hoople and perhaps early led zeppelin in their quieter moments. especially on their early records you can hear a rather funny french accent of the singer, which diminishes more and more on later records. due to their rather exotic backgrounds their music turned to a rather oriental style on later lps, but here we have a straight rocker from their best days, also released on their first lp from 69.
the a-side of this 45 is not outstanding, but not too bad either. it has a lot of power behind it and offers some good guitar work. the b-side though is a lot calmer and a really nice piece of acoustic guitar play. this is what, as i said before, reminds me a little of early zeppelin.

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