Sunday, 20 December 2009

Les Variations: Only You Know And I Know / I Was Down (1972)

both a and b-side of this 45 are non-album tracks, so even if you knew les variations before you probably havent heard these yet. only you know and i know is an average early 70s rock song, but the flipside, i was down, makes up its strong and heavy counterpart. laid back and rather slow, this acid rocker comes along like somewhat of a hendrix spoof – definitely worth checking out. the vocals are, honestly, fairly neglectable, but the heavy rhyhtms are catchy enough to compensate them.

interesting links:
a charming little fansite (in french only, but with lots of pics)
les variations on rateyourmusic
les variations on

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  1. Hey Sarah,
    How do you get to listen to the music of Les Variations.Is it on your site ?
    This will be a cool site I know.

  2. just copy the link in the comment above, download the file and extract it with the given password.
    thanks for your comment!

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