Monday, 14 December 2009

Q65: The Life I Live / Cry In The Night (1966)

this was the second release by q65, and i dont hesitate to call the tremendous b-side cry in the night the best song they ever made. bielers frenzy vocals and the haunting guitar riff make this track an excellent showcase of dutch beat from the 60s, that doesnt need to stand back behind compatriot successes like shocking blue or golden earring.
the a-side, the life i live, is a little calmer but none the less a fantastic piece of mid 60s european garage. it is even a little more into psych-beat than into plain garage, if there wasnt the raunchy blues harp providing the craggedness of a genuine basement tune.

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1 Comment

  1. Q65: The Life I Live / Cry In The Night (1966)
    password is twenty-flight-rock

    as before, the file contains the original high resolution cover scans of front and rear, and an improved version of the front cover.

    dig it!

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